Relaxing ADHD Style

relaxadhdstyle“Relaxing is stressful,” he said.

I said, “Come again?”

“Relaxing just sends me. It is anything but!” After a few minutes of coaching, he said, “The only time I can relax is when I’m moving.” Now, there is an Aha!

Most people associate relaxation with anything but moving, yet, often, I’ve found some with ADHD can truly relax only when in motion.

Moving as a means to relax is easy to solve… or is it?  A number of times I’ve coached ADDers to advocate for themselves and design a relaxing environment for them to move and others to sit. More often than not, others (neuro-typicals) resist, insisting that the definition of relaxation is to be still, and that’s when the fight starts! Continue reading “Relaxing ADHD Style”