ADHD: It Isn’t Always Easy

Often, I hear clients say, “I just need to pick up the phone, sit down and write, stick to my schedule,” etc., but they don’t follow through. My guess is, if it was as simple as taking the next obvious step, they would have done it by now. At this point I usually ask them to pause and reflect on what’s holding them back. What’s hard about what they’re trying to accomplish?

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Which Version of ADHD Do You Have?

Getting a diagnosis of ADHD can be a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing because the individual becomes eligible for accommodations and can take stimulant medications to level the playing field. The bad thing about the diagnosis is that, once labeled, people quit paying attention to individual differences in ADHD.

Officially, the Diagnostic Statistics Manual is used to diagnose ADHD, and from time to time, the manual is updated based on current research or updated best practices consensus. Currently we are on the DSM-5 version. Continue reading “Which Version of ADHD Do You Have?”

The Joke’s on You

There are all kinds of coaches, such as life coaches, personal coaches, and executive coaches. I consider myself an attention coach, and my number one goal is to help individuals and businesses pay attention to the right thing…. because if you’re paying attention to the wrong thing, you’re likely paying attention to, or looking for, the wrong solution.

Becoming an attention coach has been an evolution for me because it took time for me to unlearn what I had been paying attention to for many years. Once I started to turn the corner and began to pay attention to attention, it took about half a second to realize you can’t tell anyone they are paying attention to the wrong thing because what they are paying attention to is based on their beliefs.
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