ADHD Emotional Self-Regulation: Live, Unplugged, and Real

Emotions are as much a part of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as attention is, according to Dr. Russell Barkley. In this episode we interview Stacey, play a prerecorded clip of her revealing her emotions, live and in the moment, and having difficulty regulating them. What we learn actually helps her to self-regulate her emotions. If you have ADHD, struggle with self-regulation, or are just an emotional being, you won’t want to miss this show. It is real, unplugged, and live… so real we couldn’t just make it up.

2 thoughts on “ADHD Emotional Self-Regulation: Live, Unplugged, and Real

    1. I read your comment. What flashed in my mind was music. How many many artists’ best work was when they were emotional, back in their formative years when life was most challenging? To me, there was this love/hate thing going on. The emotions made for great music but were draining. All that being said, to me, the key is awareness and management. Kind of like driving a car. Too far left or right and you are off the road. The key is balance and to keep the car between the lines. Sounds like you are keeping it between the lines for the most part.

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