Is Attention Blindness an Obstacle to Managing ADHD?

Attention BlindnessI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What is Obvious Depends On What We Attend To (what I call a WODOW-WAT). It is hard for most people to “get,” but hundreds of times a day, our own attention obstructs what is obvious. Examples of it are everywhere. The reason you don’t realize it is because you are not looking for evidence that you are attending to the wrong thing; rather, you miss it because you are more focused on looking for evidence, proof that you are attending to the right thing. Continue reading “Is Attention Blindness an Obstacle to Managing ADHD?”

What Your Brain Does to Entertain Itself

brain-entertainmentWhen I was a teen, my mother insisted I be home by midnight. Why? Because after midnight, there was nothing open and nothing to do but get into trouble.

In short, there was nothing to entertain my brain. I think the idea was, if there was nothing to entertain my brain, then my brain was going to find a way to entertain itself even if it had to do so at the expense of getting into trouble.

Let me illustrate. Continue reading “What Your Brain Does to Entertain Itself”

Relaxing ADHD Style

relaxadhdstyle“Relaxing is stressful,” he said.

I said, “Come again?”

“Relaxing just sends me. It is anything but!” After a few minutes of coaching, he said, “The only time I can relax is when I’m moving.” Now, there is an Aha!

Most people associate relaxation with anything but moving, yet, often, I’ve found some with ADHD can truly relax only when in motion.

Moving as a means to relax is easy to solve, or is it?  A number of times I’ve coached ADDers to advocate for themselves and design a relaxing environment for them to move and others to sit. More often than not, others (neuro-typicals) resist, insisting the definition of relaxation is to be still, and that’s when the fight starts! Continue reading “Relaxing ADHD Style”

What’s Obvious about ADHD and Time Management

9.TimeCalisthenics v2Many of those with ADHD struggle with time management, having a sense of time, being on time, and predicting time. Dr. Russell Barkley refers to it as time blindness.

What’s obvious to many organizers and time management specialists is working with time budgets as an exercise to get a sense of time. Basically, a time budget is an awareness or attention exercise. You go through your day identifying a task, predicting how long it will take, recording the actual time spent and calculating the differences…. and recording them. The repetition over time improves the prediction and a sense of time. Continue reading “What’s Obvious about ADHD and Time Management”

Mind Measuring ADHD and Executive Function

If you know me, I like to measure changes in the mind science of ADHD. I’m always pausing and reflecting, asking what I believe are important questions around diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. In view of so much stigma attached to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it’s important for all of us to quit guessing at it and actually DO something to find what really works… and that means measuring our brain function… but the solution is not the same for everybody.

Continue reading “Mind Measuring ADHD and Executive Function”

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Overcome Boredom to Increase Motivation and Attention!

Is your ADHD brain always looking for stimulation? If you find your ADHD brain is bored more often than not, you may feel drained and have no motivation. It needs to find something interesting to get you going again. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to be sure to join us for a free expert webinar with Jeff Copper on ADDitude MagazineContinue reading “Join me for my ADDitude Magazine Webinar!”

An ADHD Aha on Managing Time

As an ADHD and attention coach, I try to focus on paying attention to what YOU’RE paying attention to. I focus on individuality, and more importantly, I focus on achieving the Aha! Not everyone has the Aha! moment at quite the same time or in the same way. For some, it comes quickly and suddenly while for others there may be a gradual process or build up that leads to an Aha! moment.

Laura, one of my clients, was gracious enough to share her experience that led to her Aha! moment and also led to the development of a time management system that works wonders for her. Continue reading “An ADHD Aha on Managing Time”

Celebrating the Aha! (Meet Aha! Bob)

16-FlatVSroundWORLDTime to celebrate! After years of searching for the Aha! we found it in the Aha! Let me explain. Most individuals come to me for coaching, looking for me to wave some magic wand, prescribe a solution, or cheer them on as they just try harder. They are at a loss when I explain how “hard” is overrated, that I don’t know what will work for them, and that ADHD is not a deficit of attention. Bewildered, they go off to find something that looks more like a magic wand or someone to pressure them to conform to a habit or dictate what to do. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the best marketing strategy. Continue reading “Celebrating the Aha! (Meet Aha! Bob)”

Is It Not Obvious?

Isn’t it obvious that ADD is a deficit of attention? After all, it is in the title. Not so, says Dr. Russell Barkley one of the foremost experts in ADD. Recently on Attention Talk Video, I was able to interview Dr. Barkley on the topic.

Check out what he has to say and leave your comments. I’d love to get your thoughts.