Celebrating the Aha! (Meet Aha! Bob)

16-FlatVSroundWORLDTime to celebrate! After years of searching for the Aha! we found it in the Aha! Let me explain. Most individuals come to me for coaching, looking for me to wave some magic wand, prescribe a solution, or cheer them on as they just try harder. They are at a loss when I explain how “hard” is overrated, that I don’t know what will work for them, and that ADHD is not a deficit of attention. Bewildered, they go off to find something that looks more like a magic wand or someone to pressure them to conform to a habit or dictate what to do. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the best marketing strategy.

For years, I had searched for marketing expertise that always ended in a fight over who wasn’t “getting” it. The market said I didn’t get it and I said they didn’t get it. Then I found Wendy, a writer, who patiently listened as I expressed my frustration. After my rant, she illuminated my situation in simple terms, using my own language… what is obvious depends on what you attend to. So, if a person has a flat view of the world, they are looking for flat-based solutions. They are bewildered if I suggest they sail west to get to the east. In order to understand why they should sail west, I have to reeducate them and shift their paradigm to realize the world is round., But this is impossible to do in the amount of marketing copy it would require. Wow! Finally, I could articulate exactly what I was struggling with. The question was how to get past the obstacle.

After 18 months, a lot of talking out loud, many tears, and much frustration, I had an Aha! moment… market “the Aha” because it more clearly communicates what we do! With a quick change in our tagline from “Excavating Outcomes Daily” to “Excavating the Aha! Daily” and introducing Aha! Bob as a symbol, suddenly things look completely different. My quotes, WODOW-WATs, articles, interviews on Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video come together and make sense. It is what I do… excavating the Aha! daily. After all, if the obvious solution isn’t working, chances are you are attending to the wrong thing. A simple Aha! is all you need!

And now we celebrate! After eight years, this dyslexic/LD coach finally found a way to communicate, market, and illustrate his passion in what he does. Please join me in celebrating my step forward. Words can’t describe how frustrated I’ve been or how it feels to move past what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Let’s hear it for the Aha!

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