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6/15/2018  S is for Self-Regulation: Lessons in ADHD Emotional Control from “Sesame Street”
An article in ADDitude Magazine talks about self-regulation and ADHD and refers to Jeff Copper’s interview with Autumn Zitani, M.A., Senior Director of Curriculum and Content at Sesame Workshop. The podcast is available on Attention Talk Radio. The article talks about emotional self-regulation as a complex neurological function that helps us pay attention to shifting stimuli, evaluate them, and respond in appropriate ways. When it is lacking (as it is for many children with ADHD), parents often struggle to explain and teach self-control. This is where the long-running television show “Sesame Street” steps in to help.

5/27/2018 ADHD Balance & Timing – Copper
Dr. Charles Parker and ADHD coach Jeff Copper discuss Jeff’s unique coaching style in this podcast. How is Jeff different from other coaches? Jeff helps people with ADHD OBSERVE and OVERRIDE the automatic pilot part of their brain so they can STRENGTHEN the executive functioning part of their brain. Aha! Let’s manage the challenges that are standing in your way!

5/14/2018 ADHD, Exercise, Mindfulness, and the Obvious
Jeff Copper explains how ADHD and exercise work together as a natural antidepressant and that managing ADHD with mental exercises can be very helpful.

5/3/18  Finishing Projects, Transitions and Working Memory with Adult ADD/ADHD– ADHD coach Jeff Copper appears on ADHD Support Talk Radio with Lynne Edris as they delve further into the issues around working memory and everyday life.

4/25/18 Is Your Working Memory Working with Adult ADHD/ADD?– Jeff Copper, guest expert on ADHD Support Talk Radio, discusses working memory challenges in adults with ADHD. If you want to understand how your working memory may be an obstacle to performing at your best, listen in to hear Jeff’s working memory Aha!