Mind Measuring ADHD and Executive Function

If you know me, I like to measure changes in the mind science of ADHD. I’m always pausing and reflecting, asking what I believe are important questions around diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. In view of so much stigma attached to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it’s important for all of us to quit guessing at it and actually DO something to find what really works… and that means measuring our brain function… but the solution is not the same for everybody.

So, why is it important to measure brain function? Because, as Dr. Parker explains it, “appearances” cannot clarify the confusion or cover the distorted thinking. From the beginning it was clear that too many repeatedly treated the standard – appearances – rather than clinically measuring the thinking process itself.

With that in mind, I invite you to listen to my interview with Dr. Charles Parker on his podcast page to get some straight talk about executive function and what it means in the world of ADHD. Click the button below.

One thought on “Mind Measuring ADHD and Executive Function

  1. Thanks Jeff, appreciate your update here. It’s always a serious pleasure talking to you, and it was great fun with the opportunity to hear your take on the many interesting interviews you’ve experienced with serious thought leaders in the evolution of ADD/Executive Function diagnosis and treatment . Fun interview, thanks!

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