On the Right ADHD Trail

Are you a male with ADHD or love someone who is? Then clear your calendar for Sunday, October 14, because Cathy Goett of GOETT FOCUSED has created a special event just for you called On the Right ADHD Trail!

Men with ADHD have unique experiences, symptoms, and needs, and Cathy Goetts has pulled together a group of six experts in the field of ADHD to provide you with a map to navigate the peaks and valleys, rough weather, and sore feet that can come with living on the ADHD trail.

Jeff Copper is one of the six experts, and he’ll be talking on the topic, Boredom and Its Impact on Those with ADHD.

The other speakers and their topics are:

  • Alan Brown, CrusherTV.com – Simple Brain Hacks
  • Jeff Copper, DIG Coaching Practice – Boredom and Its Impact on Those with ADHD
  • Laurie Dupar, International ADHD Coach Training Center – What Does She Really Want? ADHD Relationship Hacks for the ADHD Man
  • Rick Green, TotallyADD.com – 5 ADHD Friendly Strategies I Use Every Day
  • James Ochoa, author of “Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD”  The New Knight in Shining Armor has Feelings Too! Understanding How Men are Affected by the Mental and Emotional Distress of ADHD
  • Eric Tivers, ADHD Rewired Podcast – The Bridge Between Productivity and Self-Care

Each speaker is also giving away a free gift so you can fill your backpack with tools and strategies to help you in your relationships, career, and more. Don’t miss a minute of the first “On the Right ADHD Trail” telesummit! Sign up now at www.ontherightadhdtrail.com.

On Sunday, October 14, Cathy will send you the links to her interviews with these experts and you will have 24 hours to listen in. No need to put on your hiking boots; the interviews will be delivered right to your inbox!

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