What’s It REALLY Like to Have ADHD?

See ADHD differently. Watch as Jeff explains how his class will help you witness ADHD as you never have before. Look in places you’ve never thought of for solutions and strategies that work for YOU!

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Do you have ADHD and wonder why others don’t “get” you? Is your “normal” not what others consider “normal”?

Do you have a loved one who has ADHD and you just can’t relate? Why are they always late, procrastinating, not listening, tuning out, talking so much, etc?

Do you suspect that you or someone you know has ADHD, but you’re not sure?

Do you have an employee or a child with ADHD?

Were you just diagnosed with ADHD?

Did you have yet another argument with your ADHD child or spouse over unmet expectations, late or inconsistent promises, tardiness, messiness, avoidance, etc?

Why should I try to understand ADHD?

The ADHD brain is neurologically different than the neurotypical brain.

If you have it, you probably think you understand it. But do you really? If you don’t have ADHD, can you truly empathize with those who do have it?

Many of us think of ADHD by its symptoms: distractibility, impulsivity, irregular attention, and so on… BUT these are the SYMPTOMS of ADHD and, more importantly, this viewpoint does NOT take into account the neurology of the ADHD brain.

In this revolutionary workshop, we work together, yet independently, to learn how living with this unique brain affects daily tasks.

You can’t gain this level of comprehension from a book. You need to experience it firsthand!

By combining carefully mined videos from top experts with thoughtfully designed attention exercises, you will learn to simulate the ADHD “normal” and recognize its challenges. Then, if you have ADHD, you’ll develop coping tools to improve self-regulation and memory challenges and/or gain empathy and cooperative skills if you don’t.

Who should take this workshop?

• Parents, partners, and siblings (entire families) of someone with ADHD.
• Managers, co-workers, clinicians, and teachers working with someone with ADHD.
• People with ADHD…  especially those who feel unheard or are resistant to getting help.
• People who just received an ADHD diagnosis.
• People who suspect they or a loved one has ADHD.
• HR professionals who offer staff training on employees with neurotypical traits.

Although initially created for the non-ADHD family member or professional, this course has also been proven useful to those with ADHD who have learned how to manage their ADHD but don’t actually know how they’re doing it… or in some cases aren’t sure they even have ADHD.

Program Benefits:

This program will help you understand that ADHD is a self-regulation issue with a working memory challenge. It is not, as many think, a deficit of attention. Learn to understand the biology of ADHD and how it manifests.

Change your mindset and witness in an observable and tangible way the workings of the ADHD brain. We will set up your mind to think about ADHD in a different way and empower you to identify how you have naturally addressed challenges in the past. The more you know about ADHD, the better you can change your environment to set you up for success.

Don’t waste time and energy banging your head on strategies that won’t work.

If you have ADHD:

  • Learn to make sense of your brain in ways the deficit of attention model doesn’t allow.
  • Better articulate and share your ADHD experience with others.
  • Gain more confidence to advocate for yourself.
  • Recognize your brain: “Yeah, so this is what happens to me!” and then learn self-regulation techniques.

If you don’t have ADHD:

  • Change your mindset of – and appreciation for – ADHD and those who have it! Recognize their struggle and gain empathy.
  • Don’t unnecessarily jeopardize relationships.

For Everyone:

  • Move forward in a more productive way.

Program Scope

After years of coaching adults with ADHD and interviewing countless top experts in the field of ADHD, Jeff Copper has developed a novel approach that enables better understanding of the ADHD brain through simulation. Through the expert input from ADHD experts combined with attention exercises, you can see, and relate to, the challenges of ADHD, enabling you to truly conceptualize how this unique brain works and then understand why it works the way it does.

This mindset workshop includes:

Four hour-long calls:  During each call, we will review the key concepts of the relevant video and discuss its importance.


  • Prerequisite: “ADHD Made Simple” video
  • ADHD & self-regulation
  • ADHD & working memory challenges
  • ADHD & emotional self-regulation
  • Basic observational truths: motivation, procrastination & disorganization
  • Carefully mined expert videos from top ADHD experts including Linda Roggli, Dr. David Nowell, Dr. Kenneth Bloom, and Dr. Russell Barkley are queued up to help you understand the premise behind and the reasons for engaging in the upcoming exercises. These videos give you the background into and the reason these concepts and topics are important in the process of better understanding the ADHD brain.
  • Tailored attention and experiential exercises to help you witness in an observable and tangible way the main takeaway concepts. We will work together on four fun, frustrating, and interactive attention exercises.
  • Objective review.
  • Audio recordings of all calls are available to participants in case a class is missed or for post-call review.


Jeff Copper, MBA, PCAC, PCC, ACG is credentialed and recognized as a Professional Certified ADHD Coach by the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Jeff has successfully coached and mentored hundreds of individuals impacted by ADHD. As founder of DIG Coaching Practice, Jeff is an attention coach for individuals and entrepreneurs with ADHD seeking personal or business results. Jeff is also the founder and host of Attention Talk Radio with more than 450 interviews and over 210 hours of content with ADHD and attention experts! He is a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy and an outstanding teleclass leader. (Meet Jeff Copper)


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