ADHD: Allergies, Allergy Medications, and Medication Interactions

ADHD and allergiesAs an ADHD coach, I’ve noticed that many of my clients have seasonal allergies, and when the allergies flare up, they tend to have difficulty with cognition. Allergies in and of themselves generally make it more difficult for most people, because allergies can kick off histamine responses that can affect the way the brain functions.

Seasonal allergies have an impact on cognition whether or not you have ADHD, but those with ADHD already have a taxed system, so the allergies just increase the burden on the body. The allergy can completely disorganize a person’s reaction to life in general. Some people are laid up and totally sick, but others may just sniff it up and go on down the road.

Seasonal allergies may not be the culprit, so we need to look at the bigger picture. That would include how the body’s natural response and any medications can have an effect on the metabolism. Individuals have different ways to metabolize different medications, and an allergic condition could modify the effectiveness of medications.

Like the normal population, those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can suffer with allergies. Those who have allergies and ADHD might be surprised at the negative impact allergies can have on their day-to-day lives.

To explore the impact of allergies on ADHD, medications, and interactions between allergy medicines and ADHD stimulant medications, please check out my interview on Attention Talk Radio with Dr. Charles Parker, “ADHD, Allergies, Allergy Medicines, and Medication Interactions.” Here’s the link:

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