ADHD and Meta Mindfulness: Compassionate Self-Therapy

Stress and trauma often shadow attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Behavior creates stress, and these stressors trigger reactions and trauma. Often, counseling or therapy is sought to manage the impact of stressors. Managing stress often boils down to mindfulness and self-awareness. What about the concept of meta mindfulness? Witnessing the Catch 22 chain reaction that systematically creates a stressor loop. In this edition of Attention Talk Radio ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( interviews Dr. Ari Tuckman. They discuss stress, trauma, and mindfulness but then introduce the concept of meta mindfulness. Jeff shares a lived experience around how meta mindfulness brought a therapeutic calm and compassion to a childhood trauma in a way that brought peace. If you have ADHD, have had trauma or many stressors in your life, listen to this show to get your attention on the notion of meta mindfulness.

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