ADHD Behavior and Values: What to Do When They Conflict

Here’s a dilemma! Your relationship is experiencing conflicts in behavior or values with the other person, whether friend, family, or business. But if ADHD is a factor, everything seems to be more difficult! So, what can you do when the ADHD behavior manifests or when values conflict with the values of the non-ADHD person? In a recent interview on Attention Talk Radio, host and ADHD coach Jeff Copper talked with ADHD expert Elaine Taylor-Klaus ( to discuss these challenges.

Values are at the core of who a person is. It’s a lens through which we can see our obvious potential, that is, how we might manifest ourselves in the world. How we act, perform, connect, and engage with others is more of an emotional component, but often we are not consciously aware of our behavior. Without this self-regulation, difficulties will arise in relationships.

We need to use our values to make a choice on how we want to behave. Jeff and Elaine offered tips to help those troubled by this dilemma, starting with asking yourself what’s important. The answer may help you resolve the dilemma.

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