ADHD: How Exactly Did You Do That?

Got ADHD? Ever make it to an appointment on time? Ever complete a task or a group of tasks? Ever complete a project without procrastinating? If so, “How Exactly Did You Do That” (HEDYDT)? Seriously! Critics are quick to point out what those with ADHD are not doing, but what about the things they do right? Those with ADHD are so focused on what they do wrong that few recognize what they do right; but when they do, only a few realize how or what they did to achieve success.

In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, host Jeff Copper and co-host Kirsten Milliken interview Dr. David Nowell. He talks about strategic behavioral inquiry and how to use it to recognize what you do right to help you discover specifically what you did and how you did it, making it easier to reproduce your success again and again. If you know you are capable, if you realize you do things right, then this show is for you! Don’t miss it!

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