ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions

If you are like most adults with ADHD, there is a good chance you’re suffering needlessly from ignorance. Maybe you’re reluctant to take ADHD medications because of the stigma created by the media demonizing meds. Years ago I interviewed Rick Green of Totally ADD on aspects of ADHD medication. Rick admitted he wouldn’t want you to have to take medication, but after conducting research for his five-hour video series, it became clear that people’s fears about medication are misplaced.

Rick now has a very different view of medications for treating ADHD. His research included interviews with dozens of experts, as well as adults with ADHD who were willing to tell their medication stories. He researched the potential benefits and the limits of medications and now has a clear sense of the role ADHD drugs play in a holistic treatment plan. If you have questions about ADHD medications, please listen to this podcast. You’ll hear some stunning statistics about ADHD and may be surprised about what you thought you knew.

If this subject speaks to you, please listen to our podcast.

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