ADHD and Mental Clutter: Organizing Your Mind

What is obvious for most is that those with ADHD struggle with organization. A couple of years ago, I interviewed Leslie Josel, an academic life coach, on Attention Talk Radio around the subject of getting organized, not just with physical clutter but also with mental clutter, which is a much deeper issue.

According to Leslie, it’s not so much about the external stuff; it’s the stuff behind it, the internal stuff that is all going on in your head. There’s definitely a connection between physical external clutter and mental internal clutter. External clutter robs you of your physical space; internal clutter robs you of your mental space so that you have very little time left for getting things done. In fact, cleaning up mental clutter is often more difficult.

If you’re one of those who struggle with ADHD and getting organized, it’s important to pay attention to how you process things differently and to understand the impact of internal clutter, or mental disorganization, on their external organizing systems. Listen to the podcast to learn more about strategies to help you organize your mind and pay attention to what is and is not being paid attention to.

If this subject speaks to you, please listen to our podcast.

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