ADHD: Why Get a Comprehensive Diagnosis

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – January 16, 2023

Evidence suggests that, with a proper diagnosis and treatment, those with ADHD can live a very fulfilling life. But many people reject or delay seeking a diagnosis out of fear or even disinterest. Also, the love/hate label of ADHD may prevent some from getting a comprehensive evaluation. However, that attitude makes it difficult to treat something if you don’t know what to treat.

According to Dr. Sarah Cheyette ( one of the best reasons to get a diagnosis is to help you understand how you think. Understanding is the first step to doing anything. There are many of those with ADHD who talk about how the diagnosis suddenly gave them an explanation for all the challenges they had been having.

And sometimes just getting the diagnosis is enough for people to know why they had been feeling they were doing things wrong because they didn’t necessarily feel that they fit int the world like everyone else.

If you are curious and want the knowledge to make an informed decision and the insight on how to move forward, please check out the podcast:

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