The Argument for and against Changing the ADHD Label

The name “attention deficit disorder” has such a negative connotation because of the words “deficit” and “disorder.” Just saying those words gives an unfavorable impression and takes us to an undesirable mindset from the get-go. But what would it be like if we could change the label to something more positive or politically correct?

We may be stuck with the name, but ADHD coaches Jeff Copper and Caroline Maguire talk about the pros and cons of changing the label. Their insight around the name may give you pause to consider how it is what it is for now.

If you are frustrated or curious by the ADD or ADHD label, please listen to our podcast.

2 thoughts on “The Argument for and against Changing the ADHD Label

  1. Hey Jeff, long time no hear from! Ha! I gotta tell you… I am so sick to death of ADHD being labeled as a mental disorder, deficit or anything that makes us look broken. Makes look like we are mentally defective! Damn! I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t stand to hear stupid unproven facts about it. We are the inventors, the most successful actors, actresses, comedians! There’s an endless list of our gifts. Yes, PLEASE, PLEASE we need to fix this disinformation in every form. We are the inventors, innovators. I have a nephew, who when I met him at age 5, was constantly disobeying his parents and others. Pushing them to the edge of anger. He would keep switching lights on and off, pulling things apart, etc. My husband went to visit my family in ND. My sister, his grandmother, kept telling me how bad he was. It’s a long story… I recognized how intelligent he was and decided he was ADHD. He would follow me everywhere. I kept telling him “Always do the Right Thing.” In the end I told my niece and her husband to pull their heads out of their butt and get him counseling. They did. Today he top of his class, talented athlete, etc. Wish we could visit.

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