ADHD: How Exactly Did You Do That?

Got ADHD? Ever make it to an appointment on time? Ever complete a task or a group of tasks? Ever complete a project without procrastinating? If so, “How Exactly Did You Do That” (HEDYDT)? Seriously! Critics are quick to point out what those with ADHD are not doing, but what about the things they do right? Those with ADHD are so focused on what they do wrong that few recognize what they do right; but when they do, only a few realize how or what they did to achieve success. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, host Jeff Copper and co-host Kirsten Milliken interview Dr. David Nowell. He talks about strategic behavioral inquiry and how to use it to recognize what you do right to help you discover specifically what you did and how you did it, making it easier to reproduce your success again and again. If you know you are capable, if you realize you do things right, then this show is for you! Don’t miss it!

ADHD: Nonlinear Learning

Many of those with ADHD don’t learn in a linear fashion. They tend to ping pong all over the place, bouncing from topic to topic based on what they’re interested in. In the long term, do they actually learn? Or is it a waste of time? In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares a personal experience how his non-linear learning over a period of time is starting to come together in a very orderly way. Jeff shares his insight, hopes, and observations from his personal experience to inspire you to stick to the learning method that best suits you. If you need inspiration and if you’re a non-linear learner, this is a video you won’t want to miss. [] Continue reading “ADHD: Nonlinear Learning”

Getting Things Done with ADHD

Have you ever wondered how you get things done with ADHD? It’s not that you are lazy or lack the ability to focus. Misinformation like that has given those with ADHD a bad rap. You just do things differently. Somehow you get them done, but you might feel the pressure and stress about how to tackle a deadline.

In this blog, I’ll point out how you can find exactly what systems work for you. The secret is simple. At deadline, you instinctively problem-solve or work in your most efficient way. It’s your system of problem-solving. Continue reading “Getting Things Done with ADHD”

Please Stop Making Managing ADHD Sound So Simple

I’ve got dyslexia. What does that mean? In simple terms, when I look at a “b,” my mind retrieves a “d”. When I look at a word like “through,” my mind retrieves “threw.” Do you have any idea how hard it is to read, much less to comprehend when you are retrieving the wrong words and trying to make sense out of a sentence? It’s frustrating!

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ADHD: Problems, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving

Years ago, I interviewed a gentleman who was explaining to me the theories behind Japanese psychology.

One of the things he said was that the Japanese practice gratitude. He explained that problems abound. The thing about a problem is it must be dealt with right then. For example, if you have a flat tire, that’s a problem, but you have to deal with it in that moment. In contrast, if there’s something you do that is successful or goes right, you don’t have to celebrate it in that moment.

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ADHD: Basic Level of Truth

Attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper has found that there are certain basic truths that those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often don’t acknowledge that result in them paying attention to the wrong thing and anchoring them in “stud.” In this video Jeff shares a few and talks about how acknowledging them is a powerful step in moving forward.

ADHD and Observations: Basic Truths

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be very confusing and even more confusing if you’re attending to the wrong things. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper talks about basic observations and simple truths with ADHD parent coach Caroline Maguire ( In their discussion, they illuminate things observed that most others miss and obstruct progress of the ADHD crowd. If you realize that what you’re attending to isn’t impacting your ADHD struggles, listen to this interview.

ADHD: Application of Knowledge Is the Hard Part

Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder know what to do. Their challenge is doing what they know to do. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper illustrates the difference between knowledge and activation, knowing what to do and executing it, and pinpoints a few of the issues associated with activating, as well as the mindset to move forward. If you want to gain insight around ADHD and activation, watch this short video.

ADHD Kids: Failing Forward at the School of Hard Knocks

You love your ADHD kids. You know they learn best from experience, but learning experiences can be painful, so you shield them from their natural consequences. Does that really help them? What is the value to your child if you put off the learning? The older they get, the higher the stakes get. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, guest host Caroline Maguire ( and ADHD parenting expert Elaine Taylor-Klaus ( discuss the parent’s dilemma: How many more years do you want to shield your ADHD child from the realities of life? How can you teach them to fail forward and learn from their consequences without feeling like you’re waiting for a train wreck? If you are a loving parent of an ADHD child, listen to this insightful interview.