Coping with Emotions Too Little or Too Much

Those with ADHD seem to struggle to cope with emotions. This would tell us that emotions play a significant role in ADHD even though emotions are not included as part of the diagnostic criteria. Researchers agree, however, that emotions have a large impact on executive functioning and on working memory.

It could be said that emotions impact the “Google search function” of the brain. In our podcast on Attention Talk Radio, clinical psychologist Dr. Thomas E. Brown discusses why those with ADHD struggle with emotions.

As an ADHD thought leader, Dr. Brown explains the chemical dynamics of the brain and offers a simplified context that we can all understand. As he explained, the brain chemicals allow messages to jump across the gaps between brain neurons, but with ADHD there aren’t enough of those chemicals present. The brain’s response to stimulus is automatic. The brain lets us recognize something that’s important to us in that particular moment. Dr. Brown provides examples of how emotions work in that it matters where you are, whom you’re with, and what’s going on at that time.

If you are curious about learning more to see what works for you, please listen to our podcast, titled “ADHD: Coping with Emotion Too Little or Too Much.”

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