Ebook Executive Function

ADHD, Executive Function, and Self-Regulation

Is ADHD a deficit of attention? Shouldn’t it be? After all, deficit and attention are in the title. If ADHD is a deficit of attention, why can kids with ADHD play video games for hours? Why can adults surf the Internet for hours?

The issue is not that you’re paying attention to the games or the Internet. The challenge is disengaging your attention.

In this eBook, ADHD coach Jeff Copper talks with internationally recognized ADHD thought leader Dr. Russell Barkley on his revolutionary new construct, viewing ADHD as an executive functioning issue, which is largely a challenge of self-regulation. Dr. Barkley’s new construct now explains in a revolutionary new way what the old model did not.

If you’re struggling to manage ADHD via the deficit of attention model, read and reread this eBook to understand the fundamentals of ADHD so that you can pay attention to the right things to move yourself forward.

19 Pages

Such a small price to pay for all the wisdom to be gained from such an ADHD expert as Dr. Russell Barkley, the one we call “the ADHD genius.”

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This eBook is part of a carefully curated series of eBooks compiling five of Jeff Copper’s interviews of Dr. Russell Barkley, discussing science-based information on ADHD. Each individual eBook focuses on a common theme for adults with ADHD.  See the cover page and profile information. The entire collection is available for just $27.98.

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