The Impact of Exercise on ADHD with Dr. John Ratey

Dr. John Ratey co-wrote the book, Driven to Distraction, one of the most popular selling ADHD books of all time. He also wrote Spark: How exercise will improve the performance of your brain. Dr. Ratey has ADHD himself and dedicated a chapter in his book to the impact of exercise on ADHD.  In our conversation, he shares the science and his personal story.

In a nutshell, if you could put exercise in a pill, exercise would be the ADHD drug of the century. I encourage you to listen to this insightful interview to understand the impact of exercise on ADHD, even just to understand how many of those with ADHD self-medicate with exercise for years only to get their ADHD diagnosis after an accident or injury that inhibits them from continuing their exercise regimen that kept them focused. Dr. Ratey is brilliant, and given my athletic background, I was thrilled to interview him. If you have or are impacted by ADHD, this is a must podcast for you.

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