The Impact of Stigma on ADHD

Those who have been diagnosed with or are impacted by ADHD will be affected by stigma. But what is stigma? In my interview with Dr. Stephen Hinshaw, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley, he shared his expert insights concerning stigma and its association with multiple disorders, particularly as it relates to the nature of ADHD.

In ancient Greece, stigma was a mark or symbol to indicate a noncitizen. Today, stigma has a much more psychological meaning. We think of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, which all emanate from stigma, drawing an almost automatic reaction. In modern society, stigma really is pernicious, prompting those with ADHD to apply self-stigma, internalizing it and setting themselves up for failure. There is a lot to pay attention to when it comes to stigma, and Dr. Hinshaw puts it into a context we can all understand.

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