6/17/2019 How the Brain Creates Motivation in Teens with ADHD
Jeff Copper is among the 28 world experts in the 2nd Annual Parenting ADHD Summit, June 17-21, 2019! His topic: “How the Brain Creates Motivation in Teens with ADHD.” The summit addresses parenting approaches and strategies for kids with ADHD and their parents on how to let go of traditional expectations, boost your child’s self-esteem, manage child and family stress, navigate school struggles, handle emotional intensity, empower your child with success and confidence, take care of yourself, parent with purpose and intention, and much more. If you want to improve the life of your child with ADHD and yourself as the parent, you can’t afford to miss it!

2/28/2019 Getting Nominated for an ADHD Academy Award
Want to be part of changing the way the world looks at women with ADHD? You can. Join Jeff Copper and 30 other experts at the 2019 ADHD Women’s Palooza from February 25 through March 2, 2019. Jeff will appear on Thursday, February 28, 2019, at 4:00 pm ET, talking on the topic “Getting Nominated for an ADHD Academy Award,” and sharing real stories around the concept of thinking differently and seeing what’s NOT obvious!

2/26/2019 Overcome Your Procrastination
ADHD coach Jeff Copper appears on Dr. Ned Hallowell’s podcast, “Distraction,” and shares tips for beating procrastination and talks about how your working memory impacts why you put off or delay doing something.


1/23/2019 ADHD, Exercise, Mindfulness, and the Obvious
Jeff Copper is the featured guest expert of the week in an interview on ImpactADHD. Jeff explains how ADHD and exercise go hand in hand, that exercise is the body’s natural antidepressant. It can improve sleep, concentration, self-regulation, motivation, stress, and executive functioning. But not only physical exercise; mental exercise/mindfulness is also a powerful help. Check it out HERE!


10/23/2018 Boredom as a Marker for Action
“I am so bored!”
Have you felt like this? Most people do, but those with ADHD are particularly prone to boredom. ADHD and Attention Coach Jeff Copper and Dr. Charles Parker discuss why it happens to us so frequently, how it affects us, and how we can channel it for good. CLICK HERE to listen now!


 10/17/18  3 Insights to Help You Get It Right
Jeff Copper was selected as a featured professional speakers during ADHD Awareness Month. His presentation was on paying attention to three important insights to mindset, motivation, and environment for those with ADHD. Click here to watch this brief video.


10/14/2018 On the Right ADHD Trail Telesummit for Men and Those Who Love Them
Catch Jeff Copper as one of six ADHD experts on Cathy Goett’s telesummit on Sunday, October 14. These experts will provide you with a map to navigate the peaks and valleys, rough weather, and sore feet that can come from living on the ADHD trail. Jeff’s topic is Boredom and Its Impact on Those with ADHDSign up now:


10/7/2018 ADHD Awareness Month
Jeff Copper gave a TADD Talk alongside 30 other experts… like Sari Solden, David Giwerc, Linda Walker, Linda Roggli and more… at ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association)! CLICK HERE to listen to Jeff’s presentation on “My Experience Coaching Those with ADHD and Sleep Issues,” as well as other ADHD experts! You’ll get a new nugget of valuable information from each one.


6/15/2018  S is for Self-Regulation: Lessons in ADHD Emotional Control from “Sesame Street”
An article in ADDitude Magazine talks about self-regulation and ADHD and refers to Jeff Copper’s interview with Autumn Zitani, M.A., Senior Director of Curriculum and Content at Sesame Workshop. The podcast is available on Attention Talk Radio. The article talks about emotional self-regulation as a complex neurological function that helps us pay attention to shifting stimuli, evaluate them, and respond in appropriate ways. When it is lacking (as it is for many children with ADHD), parents often struggle to explain and teach self-control. This is where the long-running television show “Sesame Street” steps in to help.


5/3/18  Finishing Projects, Transitions and Working Memory with Adult ADD/ADHD
ADHD coach Jeff Copper appears on ADHD Support Talk Radio with Lynne Edris as they delve further into the issues around working memory and everyday life.


4/25/18 Is Your Working Memory Working with Adult ADHD/ADD?
Jeff Copper, guest expert on ADHD Support Talk Radio, discusses working memory challenges in adults with ADHD. If you want to understand how your working memory may be an obstacle to performing at your best, listen in to hear Jeff’s working memory Aha!

1/25/2018  Teens with ADHD and the Reality of Motivation
Jeff Copper appears on the Parenting ADHD Podcast in an interview by Penny Williams, talking about teens with ADHD and the reality of their motivation. They discuss why kids with ADHD lack motivation and offer insights on how to spark motivation for the brain with ADHD.


6/27/2017 Procrastination – ADHD Balance & Timing
Dr. Charles Parker interviews Jeff Copper on Core Brain Journal to discuss in detail the process of procrastination, timing, and proactive action, as well as the affirmative value of what may be considered by some as the procrastination negative. It also gives us some entertaining and enlightening detail. You may learn how to make procrastination work for you!