The ADD Me: Poetic Thoughts on ADD!

The ADD Me PoetryPoetry communicates what can’t be communicated or what is difficult to explain. It unfolds layers of meaning using simile, metaphor, irony, symbolism in verse and rhyme, evoking emotions, inspiration, and HOPE! It is HOPE that those with ADHD need most!

Wilma Fellman and DIG Coaching are all about HOPE insights and the Aha! The ADD Me: Poetic Thoughts on ADD! puts Wilma’s profound words and experience into a moving and inspirational audio recording that will touch and inspire anyone with, or impacted by, attention deficit disorder.

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Hear a sample of Wilma’s poetry. Just click the audio player (at right) to hear “Embraceable You” by Wilma Fellman.

“Wilma Fellman has elevated the ADD experience to a new height of poetic justice, giving the non-ADD world a unique perspective on this disorder.” – Arthur Robin, Ph.D.

“I now know an ADD poet who loved before her time. Her husband Arnie would listen while she rhymed. Words to make you happy, words that make you cry, but make no mistake, my poet had a sparkle in her eye.” – Jeff Copper