If Only You Understood Attention! Web Access

A Workshop Diagramming the Anatomy of Attention

Web-Based Access

You can purchase and then access “If Only You Understood Attention!” from most web-based devices (PCs, tablets, and SmartPhones) via PivotShare. When you purchase the video, you’ll be setting up a PivotShare account that requires you to log in using your email address and the password of your choice. Access can be made via a web browser or the PivotShare app, depending on the device. To purchase our Workshop “If Only You Understood Attention!”, do so below. If you’d rather download it to your PC, click here and you’ll be taken back to our workshop page.

Web-Based Access Instructions

  • Click “Watch from $19.99 >
  • At payment screen (1 of 2): Enter your email address along with your first and last names and click next.
  • At payment screen (2 of 2): Enter your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC code, then submit purchase.
  • Create a password by entering it twice and hit continue.
  • You will be taken to a “purchase successful” screen. Click on “start watching,” and begin to view the video on our Website.
  • Note, you’ll get an email address in your inbox from noreply@pivotshare.com for you to verify and activate your PivotShare account. In the email, click on “verify email” and you’ll be taken to a Website confirming you’ve been verified.
  • Use your email and password to access your PivotShare account and watch the video at pivotshare.com or search for the PivotShare APP in the APP store of your smart phone, tablet, or in some cases PC.