Choosing the Right Coach

Choosing an ADHD coachJeff Copper is often heard saying, “If the obvious solution isn’t working, chances are you are attending to the wrong thing.” It is the heart of his coaching philosophy!

Think about it, if you’re stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and not achieving what you are capable of, there is a good chance you’re attending to the wrong thing. Jeff is all about excavating the Aha! daily. An Aha! is the sudden comprehension that takes place when you pay attention to something differently. It is the holy grail of science and discovery.

How is Jeff different from other coaches? Jeff helps people with ADHD OBSERVE and OVERRIDE the automatic pilot part of their brain so they can STRENGTHEN the executive functioning part of their brain. Aha! Let’s manage the challenges that are standing in your way!

Jeff is a trained, credentialed, certified ADD/ADHD and attention coach, practicing professionally since 2007. He has helped thousands find their obvious solution when it wasn’t so obvious to them. Much of his success as an attention coach resonates from his experience succeeding with his own dyslexia and learning disability challenges. His experience with competitive swimming on an international level reinforced his passion around the coaching paradigm as a means to achieve one’s maximum potential!

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