Customized to Work For You

Name a professional athlete who doesn’t have a coach! ADD/ADHD and attention coaching works much the same way! It is an action-oriented, one-on-one partnership focused on identifying what motivates you. It builds on your strengths, natural patterns of attention, and unique processes. It helps you to form reliable strategies and systems that systematically lead to outcomes!

ADD/ADHD CoachingPeople are similar… not the same. If we were exactly the same there would be just one solution that worked for everyone. The fact is we are all different and attend to things differently. These small differences make a big difference when it comes to what strategies and solutions work for you!

We coach individuals, not labels or normative solutions. We use insightful thinking to help you find your obvious solutions when they might not be obvious to you.

If you’ve read all the books, attended all the webinars, heard all the podcasts, and you are still not achieving what you know you are capable of, chances are your solution can be found in how you are different, not how you are like the author of some book. ADD/ADHD Coaching succeeds by helping you find strategies that work specifically for you!

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