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ADHD Adults

  • I felt the walls closing in. With nowhere to go, my psychiatrist suggested I look for a coach and recommended Jeff. His style is hard to describe, which is what made it work for me. Instead of therapy sessions, or coddling me as an “impaired person,” Jeff exposed my issues immediately. This gave me confidence that he could teach me how to overcome these issues. He taught me how my brain worked, which gave me a framework to recognize the impairment that manifested and to find ways to accommodate it in a more productive way. What’s surprising is that it’s a lot easier than what I thought it was going to be. If you’re wondering whether Jeff could help you, reach out to him to have a conversation. His style is hard to describe, and sometimes he can be blunt, but from my perspective, he’s very effective.
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    Austin TX
  • I learned of Jeff Copper through a trusted ADHD professional and from my brother. The feedback around Jeff was positive, and I was keen to explore how Jeff might be able to help me. I had reached a point in my ADHD journey where I was stuck. I had great knowledge about ADHD, but I realized that I was unable to figure out what I needed to change to make a significant difference in my day-to-day life. I wanted to figure this out so that I could model this to my children. How could I support them to understand their own challenges with ADHD if I couldn’t demonstrate the same for myself? Reading books and listening to podcasts about executive functions was interesting and insightful, but it wasn’t helping me problem-solve. So, when my trusted ADHD coach encouraged me to sign up for his new pilot program, “Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out,” I was excited to learn more. This class has been absolutely life-changing for me. I have found myself almost exploding with excitement and at times felt quite emotional at how much clarity this has given me. I am seeing things in a different way and approaching problems with new insights that are finally helping me to make changes that matter. To some people (neurotypical probably), these changes may seem unimportant or too “small,” but for me, they are revolutionary. Jeff’s class has taken my understanding of my ADHD into hyper speed and has validated my life experience and helped me to understand just how hard living with ADHD can be. I have much more clarity on why I find things hard, and instead of just feeling bad about myself, I now acknowledge the challenge and then get curious to figure out how to problem-solve by following a clear process. It is also shifting the way I support my kids, and by modelling it to them, they are also starting to feel better, too. The program is more intellectual than I imagined; however, I realize its necessity, as my conceptual understanding of ADHD has changed. I just went with it. Week by week, I was able to connect the dots. I’m excited for my future and for those around me whom I now understand at a deeper level. If you have struggled with understanding ADHD, executive functions, or why some things work and others don’t, I recommend you invest the time in the program. The returns are amazing.
    Sally McNair
    United Kingdom
  • I can’t express enough how transformative Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out (CEFIO) has been for me. Before participating in CEFIO, I always saw my ADHD as a focus problem, and I was frustrated with why medications alone weren’t helping me. Little did I know that the key to managing ADHD effectively was to shift my perspective and tackle it as a thinking problem. The realization that my struggles were not solely about focus, but rather about the way I approached problem-solving, was a game-changer. The course provided me with invaluable tools and strategies to rewire my thought processes and start to overcome the barriers that ADHD presents. One of the most significant breakthroughs for me was understanding the concept of “booting up.” I recently set up a pottery studio in my garage, a place where I can let my creativity flow whenever I want. However, I often found myself stuck, unable to start working on my art. It became clear that the problem wasn’t my passion or skills but the process of preparing to work. Thanks to Jeff, I learned to make the booting up phase more enjoyable by reminding myself, “Thinking is hard; what would make it easier?” Now, I listen to a podcast while getting my supplies ready, and it has made a world of difference. I’m spending more time in my pottery studio, creating art without the obstacles that once held me back. CEFIO has not only reshaped the way I think about my ADHD but has empowered me to find practical solutions to the challenges it presents. I’m incredibly grateful for the insights and techniques I’ve gained, which have allowed me to reclaim my focus and passion for what I love. If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and take control of your life, I wholeheartedly recommend CEFIO. It’s a real game-changer!
    Rebecca Grzesik
  • Recently I was diagnosed with ADHD. The diagnosis brought an understanding to my lifelong struggles and frustration. On an emotional level, I got it, but practically, I didn’t understand ADHD. Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™ brought tangibility and an understanding of ADHD that made things clear. What has worked and what hasn’t now make sense. While I’ve always known inside that I’ve been able to achieve my potential, much of the program validates my experience in that this isn’t necessarily a disability but a difference. When accommodations are available for individual impairments, I and others can be successful. Having the understanding and clarity are basically validation, and it’s really amazing. If you have ADHD and the means to do it, this program can help you understand things at a deeper level as it did for me, and it can bring real peace and calmness to the challenges.
    Amy Dorn
    Golden CO
  • Understanding ADHD from the inside out has changed everything. Now that I really get why I do things the way I do, I have the self-awareness I need to make real changes. It’s like understanding the root cause of a diagnosis, leading to preventive care and not just reactionary care. Thank you, Jeff, for teaching this course!

ADHD Coaches

  • I’ve known Jeff for years. I first met him during my ADHD coach training, where he challenged me to ask questions to get my clients to think more deeply. So when I heard him speak about his concept of Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™, I was intrigued and decided to enroll. As an ICF PCC-certified coach, I found the program invaluable in helping me understand why people do what they do. It gave me new insights into what’s going on and put me in a better position as a coach to ask questions and work with people to get to the underlying reasons they do what they do, or rather, why clients are not doing what they need, want, or “should” be doing. While intended for adults, I benefited from the program and applied the concepts to my adult clients. The program has benefits I could use for the clients I work with, most often children and adolescents and their families, to help them and adults better understand their behaviors of doing and not doing. Assisting parents to understand their kids and shift their mindset is the most challenging part of the change process in working with ADHD families. Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out (™) helped gave me a new way of asking questions to help create this shift. If you work to help those with ADHD, I encourage you to enroll in this class. It will give you clarity and make things logical even to those outside the ADHD community or who say they understand ADHD. Whoever you support in the ADHD community, this program can help you allow those you work with to better function in life in spaces not designed for our neurodiverse brains. You will be able to help them better accommodate their needs to be successful!
    Mandy Hasslen, PCC
    ADHD & Life Coach
    Minneapolis MN
  • I am impacted on a daily basis by close family members who struggle with ADHD, and I have been on a long and arduous journey to help myself and those around me to deal with it in a positive way. Finally, a trusted resource told me about a new intervention. I was curious and signed up for the pilot program. Cognitive Ergonomics was a fabulous program and
    a breath of fresh air in the complicated world of ADHD. It helped me begin to understand executive functions in a new way that made so much sense. It opened my mind to understanding and thinking about ADHD completely differently…in a way that makes sense and gives me a logical understanding of how the ADHD brain works. I’ve even begun to problem-solve on my own as a result of my new awareness. If you struggle with helping those with ADHD, I encourage you to consider this program. It will revolutionize your understanding of ADHD and executive function and will bring clarity to what works and what doesn’t work. Jeff brings novel solutions to those frustrated by ADHD. I’m so glad to have taken his course.

    L. Swanson
  • A standout feature of this program is its emphasis on addressing the “root cause” of your ADHD. By addressing the core issue of your specific ADHD impairments, you become empowered to develop strategies that address your unique flavor of ADHD. Yes, this program is empowering! Furthermore, it’s been weeks since I completed the course, and I still experience daily revelations from the ideas I learned. I believe the concepts I learned in this program will remain timeless in my journey to transform myself and others who seek to address their ADHD and develop themselves to the highest degree possible. I’m very excited to implement this fresh insight into my ADHD coaching approach, for it is a game-changer.
    Coach J.
    ADHD Coach
  • I hired Jeff Copper to be my mentor coach as a means to develop my coaching skills and understanding of ADHD. Working with Jeff put me in simulated experiences to understand executive function in a way that blew my mind. It was powerful. I encouraged him to actually roll this out to the public and Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out was born. I participated in the pilot program along with many of my clients’ parents. It was absolutely amazing. It brings clarity and understanding to ADHD in a way that has transformed my life, changed my coaching approach, and impacted my clients. If you have ADHD or are impacted by it, this is a program I encourage you to sign up for because it will bring clarity to so many things that were not explained before. In this class, and in my broader time working with Jeff I have felt seen, and heard in ways that I have never experienced prior in my life. My wife jokes there is a before Jeff Griffin and after Jeff Griffin, I think this perfectly sums up the impact of Cognitive Ergonomics and coaching with Jeff Copper.
    Griffin Rouse
    ADHD Coach

ADHD Parents

  • Cognitive Ergonomics has been very insightful in that ADHD is a thinking impairment. I initially contacted the creator of the program, Jeff Copper, for coaching my teenager who has a diagnosis of ADHD. Jeff called me from his personal phone while traveling to help me understand what he does. He doesn’t work with teens at this time, yet he invited me to join his program as a parent. I was very impressed that he took time to talk with me and still try to help. The problems for my teenager began impacting her function her junior year of high school. She lost interest in her academics, athletics and socializing. Jeff Copper helped me accept her thinking impairment. Then, to learn how his program helps me as a parent to be aware of what might be holding my daughter back. He has a very effective and concrete (and funny, at times) way of speaking so that it resonates with you. Using Jeff strategies, I think before I speak with my daughter and ask her pointed questions to help her realize her challenges with thinking and doing. She is more open with me and uses several of the strategies to accommodate her thinking impairment.
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    Austin, Texas