Private 1-on-1 Coaching with AttentionScope


Private one-on-one ADHD coaching is for individuals committed to excellence in pursuit of realizing their potential. Using our unique lens called AttentionScope, we’ll be excavating an Aha! for each coaching call on topics you choose… from procrastination, a new career, time management, organizing emails, study habits, and activation to how to build an environment that makes it easy for you to execute.

Answers to all problems are hidden in plain sight; the answers hide behind our misconceptions, expectations, and assumptions. We call this “attention blindness.” Attention blindness makes it difficult to problem-solve or to work through complicated issues. Thus, we need a construct that brings an understanding of how something works. That’s why “AttentionScope” enables your mindfulness to witness executive function and the thinking process more tangibly so you can make unbiased observations to problem-solve effectively.

For the first time, you will be able to witness your cognitive behavior and cognitive constraints using our coaching construct via AttentionScopeSM. With training and support, you can begin to understand your brain without bias, identify the requirements of fitting a task to your brain, and problem-solve in the manner of an engineer.

This package includes:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire.
  • Complimentary copy of our video workshop, “If Only You Understood Attention,” that maps out the anatomy of attention.
  • Subscription to our Aha! e-Newsletter.
  • One two-hour discovery session complete with a learning inventory.
  • A minimum of three private one-on-one ADHD coaching calls per month.
  • Burst calls.
  • Email check-ins and support.
  • A list of audio and video interviews Jeff has done with experts on the Attention Talk Network customized for your interests.
  • All calls are via phone, Zoom, or Skype. In-person appointments are available at an additional rate.
  • Coaching starts with a 2-hour discovery call and then continues monthly with weekly calls according to your customized schedule.
  • Prices for the discovery session and for monthly coaching vary, depending on need. Email or call us to determine what is right for you
To learn more or to find out if ADHD coaching is right for you, or to get started now, contact us today!