Current Events

Start Date: 09/13/23
End Date: 10/13/23
Location: ONLINE

Brooke Schnittman interviewIn this encouraging interview, Brooke Schnittman ( spoke with ADHD and attention coach Jeff Copper about his experiences overcoming dyslexia and ADHD to achieve success. Jeff shared the creative strategies he had to develop in order to work with his neurodiversity. He shared that, by reading only the first sentence of paragraphs in college textbooks to now dictating notes to a human transcription service in his profession, he was and is able to succeed in spite of the challenges. His personal journey proves that you can accomplish anything when you embrace your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses. Watch the video here:

Start Date: 09/18/23
End Date: 10/18/23
Location: ONLINE

Catch Jeff Copper on David Greenwood’s Overcoming Distractions Podcast, talking about “ADHD and the Connection Between Thinking and Planning.” There’s a clear connection between our ability to think and how we plan. For those with ADHD, it helps to understand that connection. Listen as Jeff and Dave discuss the concept of ADHD and thinking and why times arise when we cannot think clearly or think methodically. It affects our ability to plan whether in the workplace or at home. Check it out:

TADD Talks

Start Date: 09/24/23
End Date: 10/31/24
Location: ONLINE

During October’s ADHD Awareness Month, you’ll see a ton of information about ADHD everywhere. Most of it is about kids, but ADDA is just for adults. And when you do find information, who knows what’s accurate and what’s not? That’s why ADDA created  TADD Talks. TADD Talks are short – just 9 minutes. They bring the best experts in adult ADHD together to give a TADD Talk. I’m thrilled to give one of their now-famous TADD Talks, and on October 2, 2023, I’ll be sharing “ADHD and Emotion Sickness,” alongside many other experts! Sign up right now to receive your daily dose of TADD Talks greatness.


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