Current Events

Start Date: 03/26/23
End Date: 10/01/23

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-understand primer about ADHD medication options, be sure to check out my new eBook:  The ADHD Medication Story: Its History and the Basics.   This informal, insightful, informative guide about the history of ADHD medication aims, in part, to extinguish the stigma that often surrounds stimulants and other prescription treatments for ADHD. Learn more about this resource that will help you understand the various options available, as well as some interesting stories:

On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

Start Date: 05/12/23
End Date: 08/16/23
Location: Online

Are you a male with ADHD (or love someone who is)? Then you will want to be ready the weekend of June 16-18, 2023, because you’re invited to a special event just for you! Hosted by Cathy Goett, On the Right ADHD Trail Summit pulls together 15 guides (including ADHD coach Jeff Copper) to offer tips, strategies, and expert information designed for the ADHD male. On June 16, Jeff will be presenting “ADHD and Thinking Towards a Goal: Is It an Impairment?” Register today!


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