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Researching Attention, One Expert at a Time

In addition to coaching and speaking, Jeff founded the Attention Talk Network, which includes three media channels: Attention Talk Radio, Attention Talk Video, and Attention Talk News.  The network is dedicated to paying attention to attention or more simply the Aha! – specifically, when it comes to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in audio, video, and print formats.

As host and editor of the network, Jeff has interviewed hundreds of ADD/ADHD and attention experts throughout the world. Since 2009, his work has touched more than 500,000 listeners, taking individuals through their personal journey, helping them pay attention in a way that works for their specific needs. Jeff helps listeners ultimately achieve that “Aha!” moment of sudden realization and comprehension – creating a real life experience that cannot be obtained by reading a book.

Attention Talk RadioAttention Talk Radio… Your ADHD Information Station!

Attention Talk Radio is a weekly podcast where Jeff interviews ADHD experts on a variety of topics ranging from ADHD medications, organizational strategies, time management, and more.  Listen live or visit our archives on the Web or on iTunes. Visit

Attention Talk VideoAttention Talk Video… Your ADHD Talk Show Station!

On Attention Talk Video, Jeff shares episodes of interviews with ADHD experts on a variety of topics, as well as insights, educational information, and support for those with or impacted by ADHD. You can access the channel on YouTube at

Attention Talk NewsAttention Talk News… Your ADHD News Source!

Attention Talk News is an online subscription-based newsletter featuring relevant articles from guest writers, bloggers, trending podcasts, industry updates, and the current episodes on Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video.