What happens in the ADHD brain?

What happens in the ADHD brain? It’s a mystery of the universe, right? Maybe, but once in a while, I coach someone and get a glimpse of the unique logic that is ADHD or at least what works for one person with ADHD. I’m grateful to EV for agreeing to let me share her unique logic. It matters little if it makes sense to you. What matters is it works for her. Like most with ADHD, her process might not be mainstream, but it works for her.

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Getting Things Done with ADHD

Have you ever wondered how you get things done with ADHD? It’s not that you are lazy or lack the ability to focus. Misinformation like that has given those with ADHD a bad rap. You just do things differently. Somehow you get them done, but you might feel the pressure and stress about how to tackle a deadline.

In this blog, I’ll point out how you can find exactly what systems work for you. The secret is simple. At deadline, you instinctively problem-solve or work in your most efficient way. It’s your system of problem-solving. Continue reading “Getting Things Done with ADHD”

What Defines a Project: Appearance or Underlying Motivation?

As an adult with ADHD, you’re probably aware that one of the side effects of this fun little disorder is having a lot of things going at the same time. The ADHD brain thrives on stimulation. It generates ideas upon ideas and gets excited to start something new—sometimes multiple things—all at the same time. For someone with ADHD, generating ideas and seeing the potential of them produces dopamine that “lights up” the pleasure center of the brain, just as food, chocolate, alcohol, and addictive behaviors do. Continue reading “What Defines a Project: Appearance or Underlying Motivation?”

Please Stop Making Managing ADHD Sound So Simple

I’ve got dyslexia. What does that mean? In simple terms, when I look at a “b,” my mind retrieves a “d”. When I look at a word like “through,” my mind retrieves “threw.” Do you have any idea how hard it is to read, much less to comprehend when you are retrieving the wrong words and trying to make sense out of a sentence? It’s frustrating!

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ADHD: Problems, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving

Years ago, I interviewed a gentleman who was explaining to me the theories behind Japanese psychology.

One of the things he said was that the Japanese practice gratitude. He explained that problems abound. The thing about a problem is it must be dealt with right then. For example, if you have a flat tire, that’s a problem, but you have to deal with it in that moment. In contrast, if there’s something you do that is successful or goes right, you don’t have to celebrate it in that moment.

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What if the Real Project Isn’t Appearance-Based?

As humans, we are very much appearance-based.  We latch onto what we see, and often, this reliance on what we can see and what we can prove becomes an obstacle and a source of anxiety.

One of my favorite quotes recently is, “The sun doesn’t rotate around the earth, but without the right technology it looks like it does.”  I think this is a great analogy and explains so much about the nature of the tricks, solutions, and strategies those with ADHD find on the Internet.  At the end of the day, many of those things don’t work because they don’t address the core issue.  They deal with appearance.
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ADHD Sleep Challenge: Duh, It’s the Mattress

Have you ever called customer service about your computer and they asked if it was plugged in? The question seems silly, but do you know why the question is asked? It’s because through experience, working through long complicated solutions, they had found out the problem was something as simple as plugging in or turning on your device.

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Addressing Disorganization: Mapping Out a Blueprint for Success

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you were drawn to it by the word “disorganization.” Many of those with ADHD look at the clutter and their seemingly inefficient systems and proclaim themselves disorganized. But more often than not, this is an appearance-based judgment.

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Gesundheit! Do Allergies Affect ADHD Treatment?

Yes, you could say I’m allergic to writing. I hate it. It’s always been hard, especially for a dyslexic like me. That’s why I focus so much on communicating auditory content via Attention Talk Radio and visual content via Attention Talk Video.

As allergic as I am to writing, yet I am able to write from time to time with the right prescription. In order to write, I need mental clarity. Writing is hard but even harder when starting with a white sheet of paper. Continue reading “Gesundheit! Do Allergies Affect ADHD Treatment?”