ADHD and Self-Motivation

To understand attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and motivation, it’s important to recognize the connection between the two. Motivation is tied to a number of executive functioning issues. It takes much longer for those with ADHD to do ordinary tasks because of the deficits that come with ADHD. But what can be done about it? According to Dr. Russell Barkley, it is treatable. In my interview with him on Attention Talk Radio, he shared his insight concerning self-motivation and how to reduce the obstacles on the way to getting there.

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The Argument for and against Changing the ADHD Label

The name “attention deficit disorder” has such a negative connotation because of the words “deficit” and “disorder.” Just saying those words gives an unfavorable impression and takes us to an undesirable mindset from the get-go. But what would it be like if we could change the label to something more positive or politically correct?

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ADHD: Health Outcomes, Life Expectancy, and Self-Regulation

As an ADHD and attention coach, I’ve known Dr. Russell Barkley for almost a decade. After listening to him and studying his lectures, I believe he is the foremost expert in the world on ADHD. His constructs have revolutionized my coaching and, as a result, have benefited almost everyone I’ve ever contacted in relation to ADHD.

It has been my pleasure to interview Dr. Barkley several times on Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video. Now, at the end of ADHD Awareness Month, I’m especially proud to release my most recent interview with him, the focus of which relates back to research he had published in November of 2019.

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Paying Attention to Attention and Attitude

On Attention Talk Radio, we pay a lot of attention to attention, particularly in relation to ADHD, and we talk a lot about mindfulness. When you think of mindfulness, you may see it as some intangible, nebulous thing that is hard to get your head around. Dr. Lidia Zylowska is an expert on the topic, and you can imagine how thrilled I was to interview her on the topic of mindfulness. In our interview we defined mindfulness and broke it down into two parts: the shift of attention and the shift of attitude. Continue reading “Paying Attention to Attention and Attitude”

ADHD-ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate with Dr. Russell Barkley

There’s a lot of discussion, perspectives, and concepts concerning whether ADHD is a gift or a curse, and it comes with a great deal of polarization on both sides. In our interview on the topic, Dr. Russell Barkley shares his expert insight and defines a strategy to put the discussion in a context that may move toward destigmatizing ADHD. Continue reading “ADHD-ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate with Dr. Russell Barkley”

How ADHD Manifests Differently in Girls and Women

When you see one person with ADHD, you’ve seen one person with ADHD.  It comes in all forms and types. A few years ago, I interviewed Dr. Patricia Quinn who really illuminated my insight and helped me understand how ADHD manifests very differently in girls and women.  She was a pioneer in this area and this interview really does a great job of delineating the differences. Continue reading “How ADHD Manifests Differently in Girls and Women”

ADHD Meds: Straight Answers to Big Questions

Many individuals fear the long-term effects of taking stimulant medications. Question is are there long-term effects if you don’t take them? In this podcast, Rick Green of Totally ADD, shares his philosophy on the topic and offers insightful information to help people make an educated decision on taking medications. Rick is not pro-med, but he is anti-suffering. And we are both pro-education.
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ADHD: Emotional Self-Regulation – Live, Unplugged & Real

The hardest part of ADHD is managing emotional self-regulation. The first step is to notice you are in an emotional state. This is exceptionally hard because it requires self-awareness, which is a challenge for those with ADHD. Step two is to use your thinking brain to down-regulate your emotions, which also is hard because, when you are in a fight, flight, or freeze state, it is hard to remember what you know to do. Step three is to brainstorm and move forward. Years ago, I was able to record a powerful coaching call. Continue reading “ADHD: Emotional Self-Regulation – Live, Unplugged & Real”

The Impact of Exercise on ADHD with Dr. John Ratey

Dr. John Ratey co-wrote the book, Driven to Distraction, one of the most popular selling ADHD books of all time. He also wrote Spark: How exercise will improve the performance of your brain. Dr. Ratey has ADHD himself and dedicated a chapter in his book to the impact of exercise on ADHD.  In our conversation, he shares the science and his personal story. Continue reading “The Impact of Exercise on ADHD with Dr. John Ratey”