Archived Events

ADHD Toolbox 2024 Starts March 19

Date: 04/19/24
Location: ONLINE

Are you ready to transform your ADHD and get your life back? Sit in the front row and listen to the top experts in the field of ADHD giving you advice about your challenges, and how you can turn around your ADHD and use it to empower your future. Wouldn’t that be empowering and invaluable? Well now you can! Join me and over 10 other top experts as we give you tools and strategies to manage your ADHD in The ADHD Toolbox LIVE.  Click here to gain FREE access to these interviews from top experts in the industry:

CEFIO Class 6 Starts May 14, 2024

Start Date: 04/17/24
End Date: 05/14/24
Location: VIA ZOOM

Do you have ADHD? Are you a professional who tries to help those with ADHD?  Frustrated and disheartened by the limited effectiveness of traditional ADHD interventions? If you are you an expert at ADHD but are not finding results, join us for Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™, an eye-opening educational program introducing a groundbreaking ADHD intervention. Conventional methods may have left you feeling unsatisfied, and that’s why we’re eager to share a truly transformative approach that could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. Classes start May 14, 2024. LEARN MORE:

A New ADHD Intervention

Start Date: 04/06/24
End Date: 05/06/24
Location: ONLINE

Listen in on David Greenwood’s interview of Jeff Copper on the Overcoming Distractions Podcast as they talk about support systems for adults with ADHD. Jeff introduces his new and innovative intervention for ADHD with an engineering approach, called Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out. You may find that what’s obvious depends on what you’re paying attention to. And, if you’re drowning in a sea of tricks and strategies, you can learn how to problem-solve effectively.

Women’s Palooza 2024

Start Date: 03/11/24
End Date: 04/16/24
Location: ONLINE

It’s ADHD Women’s Palooza time again! Linda Roggli is hosting the 9th Annual ADHD Women’s Palooza April 1-6, 2024, and she has invited Jeff Copper to be one of the experts on the program. It’s a full week of 31 interviews with ADHD experts sharing wisdom, and on April 1, Jeff will be presenting, Fitting the Task to Your Brain: A New Intervention for ADHD.” SIGN UP HERE:

CEFIO on Out of the Blank Podcast

Start Date: 03/05/24
End Date: 03/31/24
Location: ONLINE

Jeff Copper joins Robbie Robertson on his Out of the Blank Podcast to discuss Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out that provides a comprehensive understanding of executive function and cognition. It reveals insights and intangible relationships to enable individuals or cognition engineers to define problems, identify the underlying root cause, and design solutions for those with ADHD to fit their cognitive behavior. This model is a radical departure from the current paradigm where one conforms their cognitive behavior to “it a predefined solution or system.

CEFIO Information Session

Start Date: 03/01/24
End Date: 04/10/24

JOIN US FOR AN INFORMATION SESSION! Our world sensationalizes everything these days. As a result, we’ve become skeptical of anything and everything claiming to be revolutionary. Rather than sell you on the benefit of my innovative new program, “Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™,” I’d like to educate you on what it is and how it differs from traditional interventions. On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 6:00 pm EDT, we are having an information session via ZOOM to educate you on the concepts and how this approach differs from traditional interventions. To join us, click here to let us know you’re interested. and we’ll send you a ZOOM link to the information session and a reminder the day before the ZOOM call. SIGN UP NOW. IT’S FREE. NO OBLIGATION.

Crusher Summit Reboot

Start Date: 01/03/24
End Date: 03/03/24
Location: ONLINE

Ready to reboot, reload, and reimagine your future with ADHD? Then join Jeff Copper for Alan P. Brown’s Crush Your ADHD Summit: Reboot. Reload. Reimagine, January 22-26, 2024. There are 25 ADHD experts sharing proven, practical insights and strategies for ADHD adults of all ages to Reboot with fresh perspectives to end the negative cycles we find ourselves in year after year; Reload with an arsenal of new solutions that equip you to win more battles against procrastination, disorganization and overwhelm in the coming year; and Reimagine your future in ways you never thought possible. Don’t miss my topic:  “ADHD: Obvious Things That Are Getting in Your Way.” It’s FREE. Sign up here:

Start Date: 12/13/23
End Date: 01/13/24
Location: ONLINE

Catch Jeff Copper on Brooke Schnittman’s podcast, Successful with ADHD, as they have an illuminating conversation about “Breaking the Discomfort of Agitated Boredom” and how boredom is impacted by ADHD. Boredom is linked to being mentally uncomfortable and needing stimulation, like a tiger pacing in a cage; it can lead to negative behaviors when you don’t have healthy ways to engage your mind.

ADDitude Top 25 Webinars

Start Date: 11/17/23
End Date: 02/17/24
Location: Online

As part of ADDitude magazine’s 25th anniversary celebration, Jeff Copper’s webinar, “7 Insights into the ADHD Brain That Transform Lives,” has been named as one of the Top 25 Webinars and Podcast Episodes for all time! In Jeff’s webinar, he talked about how, if you’re drowning in a sea of tactics to manage your ADHD, you may be looking for help in all the wrong places. The webinar emphasized that understanding how the ADHD brain works can make you a better problem-solver and how to find solutions to your toughest problems. Check it out here: or listen to the webinar here:

2023 Annual ADHD Conference

Start Date: 11/17/23
End Date: 12/07/23
Location: ONLINE

Join Jeff Copper and so many other ADHD experts, as well as thousands of others, at the 2023 Annual International Conference on ADHD Nov. 30 – Dec., 2023. It’s the largest ADHD event of the year! On Saturday, Nov. 2, Jeff will be presenting “ADHD: Taking a Systems Engineer Approach to Organization.” Check out dozens more other presentations, workshops, networking opportunities, and so much more. REGISTER TODAY – both in-person (Baltimore MD) and live streaming online. Dec. 5-6, 2023. Learn more about the conference and sign up. ACO, ADDA, and CHADD members save 20%:

2023 ADHD Toolbox

Start Date: 10/25/23
End Date: 11/07/23
Location: ONLINE

Imagine being able to sit in the front row and listen to the top experts in the field of ADHD giving you advice about your challenges, and how you can turn around your ADHD and use it to empower your future. Wouldn’t that be invaluable? Well, now you can! Join me and over 20 other top experts as we give you tools and strategies to manage your ADHD in The ADHD Toolbox LIVE. Click here to gain FREE access to these interviews from top experts in the industry.

Jeff Copper Joins Anthony’s Way Board

Start Date: 10/04/23
End Date: 12/04/23

Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness, a national nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the lives of children and teenagers living with ADHD, has named Jeff Copper to its distinguished Board of Directors. Jeff’s extensive experience and dedication to improving the lives of those impacted by ADHD make him an invaluable addition to the organization’s leadership team as he joins other team members, and perhaps the most well-known, Dr. Ned Hallowell and David Giwerc, both on the Medical Advisory Board. Jeff’s expertise in the ADHD community as a coach, author, speaker, and podcast host will be significant in advancing the vision of Anthony’s Way to foster kindness, understanding, and success for young individuals with ADHD. For more information about Anthony’s Way – The Road to Kindness, visit

TADD Talks

Start Date: 09/24/23
End Date: 10/31/23
Location: ONLINE

During October’s ADHD Awareness Month, you’ll see a ton of information about ADHD everywhere. Most of it is about kids, but ADDA is just for adults. And when you do find information, who knows what’s accurate and what’s not? That’s why ADDA created  TADD Talks. TADD Talks are short – just 9 minutes. They bring the best experts in adult ADHD together to give a TADD Talk. I’m thrilled to give one of their now-famous TADD Talks, and on October 2, 2023, I’ll be sharing “ADHD and Emotion Sickness,” alongside many other experts! Sign up right now to receive your daily dose of TADD Talks greatness.

Start Date: 09/18/23
End Date: 10/18/23
Location: ONLINE

Catch Jeff Copper on David Greenwood’s Overcoming Distractions Podcast, talking about “ADHD and the Connection Between Thinking and Planning.” There’s a clear connection between our ability to think and how we plan. For those with ADHD, it helps to understand that connection. Listen as Jeff and Dave discuss the concept of ADHD and thinking and why times arise when we cannot think clearly or think methodically. It affects our ability to plan whether in the workplace or at home. Check it out:

Start Date: 09/13/23
End Date: 10/13/23
Location: ONLINE

Brooke Schnittman ( spoke with ADHD and attention coach Jeff Copper about his experiences overcoming dyslexia and ADHD to achieve success. Jeff shared the creative strategies he had to develop in order to work with his neurodiversity. He shared that, by reading only the first sentence of paragraphs in college textbooks to now dictating notes to a human transcription service in his profession, he was and is able to succeed in spite of the challenges. His personal journey proves you can accomplish anything when you embrace your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses. Watch the video here:

Start Date: 08/28/23
End Date: 09/28/23
Location: Online

From practical tips to personal anecdotes, Robbie Robertson’s conversation with ADHD coach Jeff Copper offers a deep exploration of ADHD and working memory that impacts countless lives. Whether you’re seeking a better understanding of ADHD or looking to enhance your own cognitive abilities, this episode is a must-listen.

Crush It At Work & School

Start Date: 08/02/23
End Date: 09/02/23
Location: ONLINE

Whether it’s back to work or back to school (for you or your child), join me and other top ADHD/EF gurus at Alan P. Brown’s Crush It at Work and School Summit, where we’ll help you powerfully transition back into action with proven, practical insights and strategies to focus on the right priorities, boost mental performance and productivity, and find your rhythm for work/life balance. It runs from Aug. 18 to Aug. 20. I’ll be talking about ADHD Insights: The Commotion of Emotion. Registration is FREE, so sign up at

Start Date: 07/25/23
End Date: 08/25/23
Location: ONLINE

Why do those with ADHD toss one task aside and do another? Why do they arrive late to meetings, dates, dinner at home? What they call procrastination and poor time management may actually have foundations in a different aspect of ADHD — self-awareness. The strategies for changing those symptoms or habits are different from other proposed solutions when seen through the lens of self-awareness. Listen to Jeff Copper’s interview by Dr. David Pomeroy on ADHD Focus Podcast as they examine how to improve the flow of the thought process. “A Fresh Perspective on Executive Function.” Check out their video chat HERE (!


Start Date: 07/21/23
End Date: 08/21/23
Location: ONLINE

ADHD parents unite! Register for the ADHD Parents’ Palooza now! Don’t miss out on this year’s lineup of expert speakers and compelling topics – July 31 to August 2. The best part? It’s free to register and watch from the comfort of your own home. Jeff Copper will be speaking on The Elephant in the Room: Making Thinking Easier for People with ADHD. Register now:

On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

Start Date: 05/12/23
End Date: 07/12/23
Location: Online

Are you a male with ADHD (or love someone who is)? Then you will want to be ready the weekend of June 16-18, 2023, because you’re invited to a special event just for you! Hosted by Cathy Goett, the On the Right ADHD Trail Summit pulls together 15 guides (including ADHD coach Jeff Copper) to offer tips, strategies, and expert information designed for the ADHD male. On June 16, Jeff will be presenting “ADHD and Thinking Towards a Goal: Is It an Impairment?” Register today!