Archived Events

Start Date: 08/28/23
End Date: 09/28/23
Location: Online

From practical tips to personal anecdotes, Robbie Robertson’s conversation with ADHD coach Jeff Copper offers a deep exploration of ADHD and working memory that impacts countless lives. Whether you’re seeking a better understanding of ADHD or looking to enhance your own cognitive abilities, this episode is a must-listen.

Crush It At Work & School

Start Date: 08/02/23
End Date: 09/02/23
Location: ONLINE

Whether it’s back to work or back to school (for you or your child), join me and other top ADHD/EF gurus at Alan P. Brown’s Crush It at Work and School Summit, where we’ll help you powerfully transition back into action with proven, practical insights and strategies to focus on the right priorities, boost mental performance and productivity, and find your rhythm for work/life balance. It runs from Aug. 18 to Aug. 20. I’ll be talking about ADHD Insights: The Commotion of Emotion. Registration is FREE, so sign up at

Start Date: 07/25/23
End Date: 08/25/23
Location: ONLINE

Why do those with ADHD toss one task aside and do another? Why do they arrive late to meetings, dates, dinner at home? What they call procrastination and poor time management may actually have foundations in a different aspect of ADHD — self-awareness. The strategies for changing those symptoms or habits are different from other proposed solutions when seen through the lens of self-awareness. Listen to Jeff Copper’s interview by Dr. David Pomeroy on ADHD Focus Podcast as they examine how to improve the flow of the thought process. “A Fresh Perspective on Executive Function.” Check out their video chat HERE (!


Start Date: 07/21/23
End Date: 08/21/23
Location: ONLINE

ADHD parents unite! Register for the ADHD Parents’ Palooza now! Don’t miss out on this year’s lineup of expert speakers and compelling topics – July 31 to August 2. The best part? It’s free to register and watch from the comfort of your own home. Jeff Copper will be speaking on The Elephant in the Room: Making Thinking Easier for People with ADHD. Register now:

On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

Start Date: 05/12/23
End Date: 07/12/23
Location: Online

Are you a male with ADHD (or love someone who is)? Then you will want to be ready the weekend of June 16-18, 2023, because you’re invited to a special event just for you! Hosted by Cathy Goett, the On the Right ADHD Trail Summit pulls together 15 guides (including ADHD coach Jeff Copper) to offer tips, strategies, and expert information designed for the ADHD male. On June 16, Jeff will be presenting “ADHD and Thinking Towards a Goal: Is It an Impairment?” Register today!

Are You Following Conventional Wisdom with Your Adult ADHD?

Start Date: 03/04/23
End Date: 05/04/23
Location: ONLINE

Conventional Wisdom Conventional wisdom would have adults with ADHD believing that we need to follow a certain path to manage and thrive with ADHD. But following conventional wisdom and accepted and unquestioned principles is often not the best path to thriving. Jeff Copper is back with David Greenwood on “Overcoming Distractions” to discuss the concept of conventional wisdom and ADHD and how we can challenge certain thinking.

ADDA Webinar: Casting Your ADHD in a Role to Win an Academy Award

Start Date: 03/03/23
End Date: 04/08/23
Location: Online

ADDA Webinar SeriesYou’re invited to attend Jeff Copper’s ADDA Webinar presentation on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, at 7:30 PM EST, on “Casting Your ADHD in a Role to Win an Academy Award.”  Jeff will discuss the concept of casting, its challenges and why it is so hard. He will share his Strengths Formula, as well as exercises he uses to excavate someone’s essence. It isn’t an easy process, but like any magic trick, it is helpful when the mystery is revealed. If you have ADHD and feel miscast, invest the time to understand the process. Join us, won’t you?

Start Date: 03/01/23
End Date: 07/01/23

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-understand primer about ADHD medication options, be sure to check out my new eBook:  The ADHD Medication Story: Its History and the Basics.   This informal, insightful, informative guide about the history of ADHD medication aims, in part, to extinguish the stigma that often surrounds stimulants and other prescription treatments for ADHD. Learn more about this resource that will help you understand the various options available, as well as some interesting stories:

ADHD Power Tools Managing Emotional Self-Regulation

Start Date: 02/22/23
End Date: 03/22/23
Location: ONLINE

Jeff Copper joins hosts Brooke Schnittman and Ali Idriss on their ADHD Power Tools podcast, discussing “Managing Emotional Self-Regulation.” Jeff frames the discussion around exercise for mental health, practicing mindfulness and shifting your attention with intention. He also shares insight on what the possibilities are once you do!


ADHD Power Tools: Executive Function & Emotional Self-Regulation

Start Date: 01/19/23
End Date: 03/19/23
Location: ONLINE

Catch Jeff Copper’s conversation with Brooke Schnittman and Ali Idriss on ADHD Power Tools, discussing “Executive Function & Emotional Self-Regulation.” Feelings are a physical manifestation of an emotion. For those with ADHD, one of the biggest challenges is to question your feelings because your feelings can be deceptive. Watch the video to get Jeff’s insights on reflexive emotional reactions and executive function.

Crush Your ADHD Summit

Start Date: 01/09/23
End Date: 03/03/23

The Crush Your ADHD Summit is all about meaningful change. Jeff Copper will be presenting “How to Reboot Your ADHD Brain and Get Into the Flow.” It’s hosted by Alan P. Brown, creator of the award-winning ADD Crusher™ program, bringing together online 25 ADHD experts to help ADHD adults of all ages January 23-27, 2023.  Reserve your seat and get ready to dive into some great topics that will help you to reboot.

ADDitude Magazine: 8 Illuminating Insights into ADHD: Making Sense of Your Brain

Start Date: 01/04/23
End Date: 03/04/23
Location: ONLINE

Check out Jeff Copper’s article in ADDitude Magazine, “8 Illuminating Insights Into ADHD: Making Sense of Your Brain.” In the article, Jeff shares eight important insights about emotions, the fight, flight, or freeze response, procrastination, motivation, productivity, prioritization, sleep, and regret and how you have to question everything you think you know about ADHD. If you can relate to any of these self-regulation challenges, or if you need an Aha, click here to read the article:

ADHD Power Tools: Emotional Self-Regulation

Start Date: 01/04/23
End Date: 03/04/23
Location: ONLINE

Jeff Copper appears on the ADHD Power Tools vlog with Brooke Schnittman and Ali Idriss on the topic of emotional self-regulation. Their discussion focuses on how this instinct manifests in those with ADHD and why it’s important to understand and to practice emotional regulation. If you’ve got ADHD or struggle with anger or emotional impulsiveness, check out this video. Get insight on the brain’s automatic response and the challenges of overriding it.

Attention Magazine “Insights on ADHD and Executive Functioning” Dec 2022

Start Date: 12/01/22
End Date: 03/01/23
Location: ONLINE

Check out Jeff Copper’s article in CHADD’s Dec 2022 edition of Attention Magazine on “Insights on ADHD and Executive Functioning (A Thinking Impairment).” Thinking is an executive function, but thinking is difficult with ADHD. In the article Jeff looks at concepts to help you understand the root cause of challenges in problem-solving and how you can engineer your way to a goal without shaming yourself for failed outcomes. Reach out for help. Life is too short to do it the hard way.

ACO Professional Excellence Award

Date: 11/17/22
All-day event
Location: Dallas

Who’s gonna bring their A game next?

Awards and recognition create incentive to achieve and grow. The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) has blossomed in less than two decades. I’m honored to be recognized as an enabler to that growth as a recipient of the 2022 ACO Professional Excellence Award. I’m excited to see who is going to step up their game, build on what we have, and take it to the next level!  Booyah!

Start Date: 09/12/22
End Date: 11/12/22

Jeff Copper appears on David Greenwood’s podcast, Overcoming Distractions, to talk about how executive function plays a role in planning, organization, priorities, and more. They talk about how that many aspects of our lives impact getting things done, that not having clarity is a recipe for procrastination and unnecessary stress. Jeff also offers tips on how to avoid panic mode. Check it out:

2022 TEFOS

Start Date: 08/05/22
End Date: 08/15/22
Location: Online

Join me and dozens of other experts for The Executive Function Online Summit (TEFOS) August 5-7, 2022. Learn unconventional,  incredibly practical tools for your child’s executive function, parenting, ADHD, autism, anxiety, learning differences, giftedness, (2E) twice-exceptional learners, neurodiversity, emotional regulation, and social challenges. Plant the seed for your child’s successful school year with core strategies you can implement right away. Give your child a brighter future. Sign up for our Free 3-Day Immersion with experts who “get” your child. SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE!

2022 Parents Palooza

Start Date: 07/28/22
End Date: 07/31/22
Location: Online

Join me and Terry Matlen at the 2022 Parents Palooza July 28, 2022, as we present “Hypersensitivity: What’s Really Going On?” Hosted by my colleague Linda Roggli of the ADDiva Network, and Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster from, the ADHD Parents’ Palooza is three full days of 16 video interviews about sleep issues, hypersensitivity, lying and cheating, ADHD and autism, inattentive ADHD, gender issues, girls with ADHD, siblings, school and legal help, and so much more. IT’S FREE. REGISTER NOW:


2-Part Series: How are you sabotaging yourself in dealing with ADHD?

Start Date: 07/28/22
End Date: 08/28/22
Location: Online

Are you sabotaging yourself in dealing with ADHD? Yes, you are. In fact, all of us with ADHD are doing it. You may be using strategies on time management, organization, or getting things done, BUT if those strategies aren’t working, you are missing the essential basics. Jeff Copper was a guest on Dr. David Pomeroy’s ADHD Focus Podcast, talking about how to break the habits that are holding you back and how to develop awareness of your choices. You don’t have to surrender to outside influences or to your past.  Listen and learn in this two-part series!
Part 1:
Part 2:

Effective Support Strategies for Students Part 2

Start Date: 05/24/22
End Date: 07/30/22
Location: ONLINE

Listen to Part 2 of Jeff Copper’s interview by Simon Currigan on his School Behaviour Secrets podcast, titled “Effective Support Strategies for Students with ADHD,” the sequel to last week’s podcast discussing how different aspects of ADHD affect a child’s ability to integrate into the classroom, giving practical examples to elicit empathy, and sharing strategies teachers can use to support pupils in class. LISTEN NOW: