ADHD, DIY, and Help: Knowledge vs Knowledge with Insight

What’s the value in having someone who knows how to use a hammer and hit the right spot? Do-it-yourself sounds good, but there is a cost. I call it tuition at the school of hard knocks, in other words, EXPERIENCE. That’s what I want to share with you here. ADHD is very much a challenge. If you’ve got ADHD and have been struggling to manage it, I encourage you to find a professional who’s got the insight to accelerate your learning. After all, if you get the diagnosis and you get some help, you can really live a fulfilling life. Don’t wait till everything hits rock bottom as some people do before they show up on my doorstep. It’s really unfortunate for them, because they didn’t need to go through that. Continue reading “ADHD, DIY, and Help: Knowledge vs Knowledge with Insight”

ADHD and YouTube

If you’ve been surfing ADHD videos on and on and on for hours, you have to realize that you’re struggling with something, and that’s the issue of self-regulation. I’ve often spoken about dopamine being the reward neurotransmitter, and that’s what’s driving this behavior. It’s your brain’s perpetual search for dopamine. The issue is whether you can pay attention to things where you don’t get dopamine. Continue reading “ADHD and YouTube”

ADHD and Working Memory

If you have attention deficit hyperactive disorder, you probably find yourself struggling with working memory. What is working memory? It’s the system in your brain that allows you to hold multiple thoughts in mind while you organize and sequence them. It is important to understand what working memory is in relation to ADHD, and this condition can be very problematic when you’re trying to solve problems.

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Does ADHD Manifest Differently in Boys and Girls?

Several years ago, the question was asked whether ADHD looks different in boys than it does in girls. I was curious to know more about that subject and began searching for an expert who could answer the question.  I found Dr. Patricia Quinn, a developmental pediatrician and medical doctor specializing in child development and the treatment of ADHD.  Dr. Quinn gave me some eye-opening insight on the subject and agreed to a brief interview on Attention Talk Video. Continue reading “Does ADHD Manifest Differently in Boys and Girls?”

ADHD Strategies: Using Code Words in ADHD Families

What are code words? Can code words help ADHD families? We asked Elaine Taylor-Klaus, a professional certified coach and family advocate. With both her professional and personal experience as a mother of five, Elaine explained how code words work in her own family and why they are useful to get someone’s attention, change a course of action, or constrain a meltdown. Continue reading “ADHD Strategies: Using Code Words in ADHD Families”

ADHD, Emotion, and Dr. Russell Barkley

When it comes to emotions, the focus seems to dwell on the negative. Sometimes as I’m coaching those with ADHD, I see them as very passionate about things and they’re full of emotion, but this passion often rages out of control. So, is there a positive side? A few years ago, I interviewed Dr. Russell Barkley ( on Attention Talk Video to get his perspective as a researcher on the subject. In our discussion, he explained that in some circumstances these emotions may actually be beneficial.

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ADHD and Emotional Self-Regulation: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

The response in all living things when they are threatened is fight, flight, or freeze. Fight back, run like heck, or play dead. It’s an innate instinct for all species because it’s really all about survival. When we feel threatened, the fight, flight, or freeze response is automatic. The brain spontaneously goes into that mode. When it comes to those with ADHD, regulating emotions is something they already have trouble with, and when that response kicks in, it can be quite problematic.

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