Frequently Asked Questions

EyeChart1What is ADD/ADHD & Attention Coaching?

ADHD and Attention Coaching is a specialized type of life coaching directed toward the common challenges that ADHD and attention issues present, particularly in the areas of (self) regulating attention and emotion. Most individuals with ADD/ADHD and attention issues know what they are supposed to do but they just can’t seem to follow through with execution. At DIG Coaching ADD/ADHD and attention coaching is about insightful thinking as a means to excavate what works for you – often manifesting in an Aha! moment. We focus on your strengths, natural patterns of attention, and unique processes and then build on those to determine reliable strategies and systems that systematically lead to positive outcomes.

How does ADD/ADHD and attention coaching work?

Name a professional athlete who doesn’t have a coach! ADD/ADHD and attention coaching works much the same way! It is an action-oriented, one-on-one partnership focused on identifying what motivates you. It builds on your strengths, natural patterns of attention, and unique processes. It helps you to form reliable strategies and systems that systematically lead to effective outcomes!

Why the emphasis on the Aha!?

The Aha! revolutionized how we see the world and redefines what the obvious looks like. It is the sudden comprehension that takes place when you attend to something differently. It is the holy grail of problem solving. Metaphorically, a round world explains what a flat world view didn’t. Methodical thinking is very effective post Aha! Want to go west? Sail east.

At DIG Coaching our philosophy is simple. If the obvious solution isn’t working, chances are you’re attending to the wrong thing. The prescription in such situations isn’t reapplying the same solution only to expect a different outcome, but using the insightful thinking methodology to excavate the Aha! that will reveal the methodical steps needed to execute. When it comes to ADD/ADHD, most see it as a deficit of attention. We see it as a self-regulation issue that changes the game like a round view of earth.

Who can benefit from ADD/ADHD and attention coaching?

Professional athletes turn to coaches to push them to their maximum potential. If you want to achieve your full potential, then attention coaching is for you! Mind you, coaching isn’t about you just passively sitting. No! To get the most out of coaching, you need to be committed, willing and able to actively participate and do the work.

Do insurance companies cover coaching?

At present, coaching services are not covered by insurance and must be paid by the individual or sponsor.

How long should I expect to have a coach?

Coaching is a learning process and depends on you, what you want to work on, your patience with the process, and the amount of work you put into homework exercises between coaching calls. For private one-on-one sessions you will be asked for a three-month commitment to show you are dedicated to the work and the process.

How do I begin?

The next step is as simple as scheduling a 15-minute call to discuss a program that is best for you. Email Jeff at or call 762-233-2343.