Part 1 ADHD Stimulant Awareness: The Basics

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder stimulant medications are often controversial, and questions abound. Awareness and education are key. That is why attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper is releasing this multipart series dedicated to ADHD stimulant awareness. Today we interview Dr. John I. Bailey, Jr., on “ADHD Stimulant Awareness: The Basics” as Part 1. We have no doubt you will find this show enlightening.

2 thoughts on “Part 1 ADHD Stimulant Awareness: The Basics

  1. It is enlightening and it is why after the time I put into the ADD Coach Academy I started to associate my coaching practice with both the Chinese symbol of “Ying and Yang” play on words “Mind-Body-Sole” (yes, your soul as through the sole of your foot) as receiving the wisdom of where those who have been there before you have also experienced LIFE and with ADD/ ADHD ENLIGHTENMENT.COM

    Coach Dr David E Klein, DPM, CDE Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Health & well-being from the ground we walk on and… Certification in Diabetes Patient Education, Limb salvage & Prevention of amputation… and the “Yin & Yang” struggle in the daily momentns of life as we know it living life with ADHD diagnosed late-in-life at age 65. Stimulants for 10 years and then your Psychiatrist dies and I am consumed with where my next prescription will come from or can I make better use of that counceling time, but all I hear is “have I tried cannabis and I should get off these drugs?
    Good presentation on “Basics”, can’t wait for rest.
    . David ,

    1. Dr. Bailey does a great job of articulating things. We are looking forward to posting more insightful interviews around stimulants and categorizing them as such in the category section of our blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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