A Resource to Save the Future of ADHD Students

ADHD stimulant medications are classified as Schedule II medications, which means they have a high potential for abuse and as a result are controlled substances. Medications like Adderal are in high demand on college campuses as a study aid. Many with ADHD are lured by friends to share medications and sometimes sell them, which constitutes a felony act. In a rising trend, many ADHD students are unaware of the punitive consequences of ADHD drug diversion, and it has become a hot topic. Many resources talk at students on the topic which mutes the message.

In a rare opportunity, Attention Talk Radio captured the story of one student who lived to experience the horror of it all and agreed to share his experience to warn innocent students of the potential consequences. We encourage you to share this resource with ADHD adolescents and young adults for insight on this real-life experience. It’s a firsthand account how students in college are casually flippant about diverting (or sharing) stimulants that lulls the ADHD student into a false sense of innocence. It recalls the feeling of being violated as fifteen police, FBI, and DEA authorities ransack his dorm room, the anxiety of calling his parents from jail only to hang up in shame before they answer, the immediate shame by friends and peers disassociating themselves from him, and the enduring pain and loss of years to rebuild a life.

The sad truth our student shares is that he would probably not have listened to words of advice from his future self. As sad as it is, we as coaches and parents must have hope. This one-of-a-kind resource isn’t an authority figure. He’s a college student actually living the experience and sharing it with his peers. While innocent students may not listen to parents, teachers, or professionals, they often listen to their own peers.

We share this resource with you to save the futures of those you are called to help.

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