ADHD Heroes: Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

Just imagine how flattered I was when Judy Brenis reached out to me and asked if she could include my story as a chapter in her ADHD Heroes book ( While the chapter about me was my story, the real hero was my mom (just like many others with ADHD).

Remembering all the hours my mom sat with me to help me through schoolwork and to take me to sporting activities so I could indulge my interests. Her loving dedication helped me gain confidence in areas outside of academics to protect my self-esteem. It is my mother who is the true hero.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, I’m dedicating this blogpost to my mom, and I would be honored if you would read Judy’s blog to understand who the real heroes are. My hope is you’ll be inspired and grateful to those who have supported your journey.

Make this Mother’s Day special. Acknowledge and celebrate your mom… your ADHD hero! That is what I’ll be doing. Here’s the link to Judy’s blog:

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