ADHD, Productivity, Working from Home, and You

Our workplaces are formal, professional, and structured to accommodate business systems, interactions, frequency of direct communications, and access to human capital (or people knowledge) by being in the presence of others.

A workplace at home is more informal, more comfortable, and lacks the structure of the work environment, making it difficult for those with ADHD to self-regulate their attention. Gone are the face-to-face human interactions, the “buzz” of other busy bees getting work done with their work energy.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought isolation. In March 2020, I was motivated to do an Attention Talk Radio show about working from home. The editor of Attention Magazine tuned into the show and asked me to write an article on the topic that I’m sharing with you now. As I read it again, I notice two key mindsets for success. The first is to simulate the work environment as close as possible. The second is to make sure you have all the tools you need to be most productive.

The article was written during the pandemic, but its principles apply any time you work from home. I hope you gain valuable insights from reading it. Here’s a link to the PDF:


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