ADHD Sleep Challenge: Duh, It’s the Mattress

Have you ever called customer service about your computer and they asked if it was plugged in? The question seems silly, but do you know why the question is asked? It’s because through experience, working through long complicated solutions, they had found out the problem was something as simple as plugging in or turning on your device.

People with ADHD struggle with sleep. I struggle with sleep. To remedy the problem, the experts prescribe a focus on sleep hygiene, abstinence from screen time, or taking melatonin as a sleep aid, even participating in sleep studies to diagnose sleep apnea. These techniques are important and can play a role in sleep challenges.

As complicated as things may seem, sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, is it plugged in and turned on? Or in this case, is my mattress old; does it need to be replaced? Or simply, do I need a firmer mattress?

Recently, I, myself, have struggled with sleep, pondered all kinds of remedies, only to go into a store, realizing my mattress of 13 years had outlived its life by eight. By simply replacing it, I was amazed at the significant difference in my comfort and change in my sleep.

Yes, those with ADHD definitely have some sleep issues and challenges, but before you go through some complicated process, maybe you should just notice how old your mattress is and whether it needs to be replaced.

It would be quite embarrassing to spend thousands of dollars on doctors or sleep experts only to find out all you needed to do was buy a new mattress!  Sometimes, we certainly make things more complicated than they are. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as flipping the switch or plugging it in.

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