ADHD: Is It Voice Activated?

Can we say that those with ADHD are “voice-activated”? It’s funny that we would apply that phrase to a human when it’s a term usually reserved for electronic devices, but in the case of ADHD, it may be true. For those with ADHD, talking a lot seems to be natural for them. Although they may not be aware of it, talking out loud is actually a good tactic because it eases the load on the working memory system. It’s almost like they need to walk their way through the whole thing so they can get to where they are going.

Talking out loud is a way of externalizing thoughts and ideas, and it actually is helpful to the executive functioning of the ADHD brain. If you have ADHD and struggle with verbal and non-verbal working memory, you may find yourself talking a lot just to hear yourself. But there could be another reason for it? I think it’s helpful if you would realize you may be voice-activated.

And there’s nothing wrong with talking out loud so long as you don’t disturb others by constantly blurting out comments or questions. But even so, that doesn’t change the fact that you may be voice-activated. To learn more, please watch my video, ADHD: Is It Voice Activated?” Here’s the link:


Welcome everybody to this edition of Attention Talk Video. I’m your host, ADHD and attention coach Jeff Copper. I recently ran across a term that I thought was quite interesting and I wanted to share with you guys. The concept that those with ADHD are voice activated, it’s kind of funny because many of them are. It kind of goes together because we’ve done some videos before talking about working memory.

Those with ADHD have a self-regulation issue with a working memory challenge, and often many of them not to talk is not to think and so a lot of times they are talking a lot, trying to think out loud, bounce their logic off of you. Sometimes they talk, you’ll ask them a question they’ve got to tell you a story in order to get to the answer. It’s almost like they have to kind of walk their way through that movie or the story to get to the point in time where they can recall the answer to your question. And so again, that notion that they’re voice activated.

I think it’s kind of helpful to kind of take this with us in realize that is that there’s a reason for that. And if you have ADHD and you talk a fair amount, you might go, “Maybe I’m voice activated.” There’s nothing wrong with talking out loud to people, as long as you have their permission. And a simple tip is just to say, “Hey, can I talk out loud? Kind of bounce my logic off you.” Or, “Give me a minute. Let me just kind of figure this out.” Or, “What do you think about this?” Or, “Give me a second, I’m going to have to go through a chronological order to kind of get you your answer.”

Again, all those things that I just said, don’t change the fact that you’re voice-activated. It’s just a little thing up front that you do to kind of change the dynamic of the environment. So you’re saying, “This is what I’m doing,” and the person could give you permission.

It’s a very interesting quote, very small tip, but it works. Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Attention Talk Video, please hit our subscribe button. We release a video each week with a tip or an insight or something that’s useful. If you enjoyed this, please leave a comment. Take care.


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