ADHD: Climbing the Hill for a Better View

There are times in our world with new technologies or events that metaphorically tilt the floor of human behavior. When that happens, some things are easier, but others become more challenging. Those who lack self-awareness, effort, emotion, and willpower have no go-to strategy to survive an adversarial challenge. Metaphorically, those who are self-aware will spend the time and energy to climb the hill because they know, after climbing to the top, they can get back to what works.

The COVID pandemic is an event that is tilting our floor and having a huge impact on those with ADHD. New digital learning and work platforms and the lack of social interaction and face-to-face collaboration have made it significantly more difficult for those with ADHD to self-regulate and, thus, have become more disengaged with the world. As a result, we’re seeing a loss of productivity and learning.

My coaching practice has been inundated with those who want coaching or tools to try harder in an environment that is working against their ADHD. During the last year, I have not found anyone with ADHD who has been successful at this.

On the other hand, I’ve been able to coach many to climb that hill and to advocate for more interactive engagement, less isolation, and more direct verbal interaction, ultimately seeing them thrive. Yes, it is effortful to climb the hill, but once you get there, it isn’t so challenging.

If trying harder isn’t working for you, consider climbing the hill. You just might like the view.

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