Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™

A Systematic Approach to Problem-Solving


Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™ provides a comprehensive understanding of executive function and cognition that reveals insights and intangible relationships to enable individuals or cognition engineers to define problems, identify the underlying root cause, and design solutions for those with ADHD to “fit their cognitive behavior.” This model is a radical departure from the current paradigm where one conforms their cognitive behavior to “fit a predefined solution or system.”

Being trained as an ADHD cognition engineer can help therapists, counselors, coaches, educators, and anyone with or impacted by ADHD who have found the current paradigm to be ineffective.

ADHD is emotional. It includes frustration, overwhelm, stress, rejection sensitivity, and more. Many are paralyzed, bombarded with negative thoughts, and seemingly unmotivated, depressed, and anxious.

Symptoms include distractability, impulsivity, procrastination, perfectionism, disorganization, relationship issues, and sleep problems, as well as struggling with planning, managing time and money, setting priorities, and being productive.

Tips, tricks, and strategies include pausing, chunking things down, bullet journals, planners, apps, reminders, notifications, to-do lists, and just trying harder. Most find themselves drowning in a sea of strategies.  What’s more, they know M.E.D.S. (Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep) are supposed to help, but if these methods were easy to execute, they would have been doing them by now.

They have become aware and educated about ADHD by reading self-help books, attending webinars and telesummits, watching YouTube videos, and going to support groups.

UGH! So, if this is you, why are you still stuck? It’s because we are cognitively illiterate. Thus, instinctively, we solve for emotions or symptoms as if they are the root cause.

Question is what do you need to be able to look past emotions and symptoms and identify root cause?

Three things:
  • A construct (an understanding of how something works) that has observable, repeatable patterns supported by the model.
  • A technology to make objective, fact-based observations.
  • A problem-solving methodology that enables you to identify the root cause and solve problems.

Introducing the Birth of
Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™


Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their work environment. It’s about the fit between the user and the interface (fitting a job to the person). Cognitively, individuals are illiterate. In the past, rather than fit an interface to cognitive behavior, the emphasis has been on modifying behavior to fit the interface.

Why is that? Cognition (executive function) is intangible and does not register with our senses, which is the basis of how we make observations. Reflexively, we problem-solve around what is tangible to us, that is, how we feel, our emotions, and what we see, our behavior. The result is a sea of strategies that work inconsistently or, at best, by accident.

This program is a revolutionary new approach built on Dr. Russell Barkley’s ADHD construct and AttentionScope® developed by ADHD coach Jeff Copper. Dr. Barkley’s construct and AttentionScope® are used in combination to bring tangibility to executive function so we can make objective observations to identify and solve for the root cause of cognition.


Gain insights into executive functioning that will transform how you problem-solve.
  • This cognitive literacy class:
    • Is designed for you to engineer an interface based on your cognitive behavior.
    • Sets up your mind to be able to identify root cause and begin to problem-solve for it.
    • Reveals important correlations between symptoms and cognitive root cause.
  • The program provides insights to the legitimate reasons you do what you do and so you can learn to recognize what works and why it works.
  • The program enables you to witness all the clues to what works for you via your instinctive behavior.
What’s the Goal?
  • To give you a model and a means of witnessing cognitive behavior to problem-solve effectively.
  • To transform your understanding of ADHD.
  • To help you witness what always works.
  • To give you insights to manage ADHD in the most natural way.
  • To help you understand how executive function works individually and collectively.
Getting the Most from the Program
  • This course is not for spectators. Getting the most out of it requires active participation in discussions, attention exercises, videos, and reflective homework assignments.
  • The focus is on understanding how to work with your ADHD and not against it.
Who Can Benefit from the Program?
  • Being trained as an ADHD cognition engineer can help therapists, counselors, coaches, educators, and anyone with or impacted by ADHD who have found the current paradigm to be ineffective.
  • This program has been approved by the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) for continuing education credits. If this applies to you, please email for more information.
Material Covered
  • Defining Cognitive Ergonomics From the Inside Out™, the principles of observation, and conceptualizing AttentionScope®
  • Defining primitive behavioral influence and executive functions
  • Using AttentionScope® to view primitive behavioral influence
  • Defining working memory and its elements
  • Using AttentionScope® to view the individual elements of working memory
  • Defining three different thinking processes
  • Using AttentionScope® to view each thinking process
  • Revealing how some executive functions are mutually conflicting
  • Bringing it all together, spotlighting anomalies convention wisdom cannot explain
  • Observational Insight – illuminating what is hidden in plain sight
  • Observational Insight – components of planning
  • Problem-Solving via a Six Sigma approach
Here Are the Details:
  • Duration: 14 classes
  • Day:  Wednesday of each week
  • Start Date:  May 14, 2024 (Interested, but dates don’t work? Get notified of our next class! See form below.)
  • End Date:  August 13, 2024
  • Time:  Noon to 1:15 P.M. Eastern Time
  • Minimum class size: 5 Participants required
  • Maximum Class Size:  15 Participants
  • Cost:  $1,149 ($999 Early Bird Special expires May 1, 2024)
  • How:  Classes via ZOOM
  • Access to Recorded Calls in case you miss a class or just want to listen again.

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Facilitator – ADHD Coach Jeff Copper

Jeff Copper, PCC, PCAC, MBA, credentialed coach, founder of Attention Talk Radio, Attention Talk Video, and Attention Talk News, entrepreneur, speaker and ADHD coach trainer, has been coaching for nine years. He has empowered his clients to overcome the invisible challenges of procrastination and create fulfilling and successful lives. To learn more about Jeff, visit

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