The ADHD Medication Story

Its History and The Basics

Did you know that the first drug to treat ADHD effectively was not prescribed for ADHD at all? It was prescribed for headaches! The fact that it helped kids pay attention in school and learn better was discovered accidentally, almost as a side effect!

To learn about that story, why Ritalin was named after a tennis-loving chemist’s wife named Marguerite, and a whole lot more, check out my latest eBook, The ADHD Medication Story: Its History and the Basics. In this eBook, I share excerpts from my podcast interview with renowned ADHD expert Dr. John I. Bailey, Jr.

You’ll learn:

  • The history of ADHD medications
  • The differences between types of prescriptions
  • Why Dr. Bailey says, “It’s time to quit apologizing for stimulants.”

Dr. Bailey even throws in his endorsement for ADHD coaching!

Act now to get this insightful resource that will help you understand the various medication options available to treat ADHD. The ADHD Medication Story: Its History and the Basics is now available for $12.98!

Dr. Bailey’s knowledge will arm you with information to make the best individual choice for your ADHD treatment. We are confident that this book will make a valuable addition to your digital bookshelf.

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Here are a few excerpts:

  • And the teachers, the nurses and the doctors in the halls said the people that you’re giving this headache medicine to are listening in class. They are learning. They are asking questions. They are even coming to the teachers and saying, “Can I have my pill?” They called them their arithmetic pills. “Can I have my arithmetic pill?” Can you believe this?
  • Medication RxWe have herbals and nutraceuticals and nootropics and homeopathics and dietary supplements. No rigid, placebo-controlled, scientific study has ever shown a useful and statistically valid benefit from any such agent.
  • You want a definition of ADHD? It is a running away from boredom. That is all ADHD is. It’s the running away from boredom.
  • It is time to quit apologizing for stimulants.
  • With either stimulant of the two main kinds, you can get 85% of properly diagnosed ADHD patients to a really good place, and that leaves you 15% of people that you haven’t treated. So, then you change the drug. And since the other drug will get 85% of people, there’s very few people that fall in that one or two percent gap that’s not included in both of those. And a lot of times those are the ones that are erroneously diagnosed or have a major other problem that you have overlooked.

eBook Order ButtonIf you’ve been looking for an easy-to-understand primer about ADHD medication options, be sure to check it out. This informal, insightful, informative guide about the history of ADHD medication aims, in part, to extinguish the stigma that often surrounds stimulants and other prescription treatments for ADHD.