Expectations, Attention, and Insights for the Holiday Season

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – December 13, 2021

The marketing hype is in full swing. To give you a few examples, in Tampa, Christmas stuff was in stores before Halloween decorations and candy were out, some stores skipped the Halloween season altogether, and others have just enough Thanksgiving to check a box, but that’s it.

The hype brings excitement, increased expectations, and… the opportunity for disappointment. Last year, my cousin shared a letter to her son from Santa (which she ghost-wrote, if you know what I mean). It resonated with me as a student of attention how she crafted the message to manage expectations in such a way that a young boy might understand.

I stored this letter away for months so I could share it with you this holiday season. While her and her son’s situation might differ from yours, my hope is to spark your creativity to look at things from a different angle to manage the attention of those around you.

Dear xxx,

You have been a very good boy this year! I am so proud of your kindness, bravery, volunteerism, grades, and cub scout leadership. Elfy has been keeping an eye on you, even when you didn’t know he was around. 

In light of your good deeds, I would love to give you exactly what you asked for, but when it comes to cell phone service, I have to get parental permissions. You know your mom and dad are great parents and want only the best for you. They want you to enjoy being a kid a little longer before taking on the responsibilities that go along with managing a phone with cell service, and I have to agree. Therefore, I was not able to deliver the iWatch and iPhone you asked for. The iWatch requires an active iPhone to set up, so I substituted a watch that is comparable with your current hardware.

After giving it much thought, I substituted the iPhone with a couple of things that you will enjoy at the lake. Elfy showed me a video of you having fun on the water, so I know you are the perfect boy for a new fishing boat and wake skifer.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Cheers to my cousin, the sister I never had.

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