Insights on ADHD and Executive Functioning (A Thinking Impairment)

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – May 1, 2023

Self-awareness is an executive function, and success in life is highly correlated with self- awareness. Executive functioning (EF) is a set of mental faculties that enable us to identify, organize, and sequence relevant information over time towards a goal. In short, executive functioning is what we use to engineer a plan to achieve a goal.

Thinking inside your head is difficult if you have ADHD. It is so hard that you can’t resist the urge to escape. Calculating three to the power of five in your head takes so much mental energy that you may not even attempt the calculation because you don’t want to put in the effort.

When thinking is difficult, there is a primal urge to escape to something that feels better (watching TikTok or YouTube, scrolling social media, vaping, for example). Behaviorally, it’s a focus issue, but the root cause is the challenge of manipulating things inside your head towards a goal. Those with ADHD need to own this but often don’t.

In my recent article in Attention Magazine, “Insights on ADHD and Executive Functioning (A Thinking Impairment),” I discuss a few concepts to understand the root cause of challenges as a means to understand what to problem-solve for.

So, don’t do things the hard way! Own your ADHD as a thinking impairment and reach out for help. I’d be glad to answer questions; you can contact me at

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