Keeping Organized Goes Beyond a Task List

Are you one of those individuals who think it’s just too complicated to get organized or even to remember things you need to do? Planning is essential for both of these tasks, but it’s important to keep those plans as simple as possible. This theory was what motivated Dr. Carey Heller and me to co-author an article, titled “Keeping Organized Goes Beyond a Task List,” for Attention Magazine, published in the October 2020 edition.

In the article, we discuss why it is common among those with ADHD to struggle with planning, organizing, and remembering tasks; it’s an issue of being unable to see the overall picture, or what is called an executive functioning impairment. We illustrated examples of the various ways these situations present themselves and then offer suggestions to address the process to help you complete your tasks.

The article mentions several lessons to help you learn how to do things in a more natural way to how you work, like breaking down a project and tackling just a small portion at a time. This would help to clear out visual clutter without overtaxing your working memory. The goal of the article is to help you learn more about advocating for yourself and improving your productivity.

That’s why I’m sharing this link with you so you can access the article, along with articles included from other experts. I’m sure you’ll find information there that you will enjoy and that will inspire you. Also, I encourage you to become a member of CHADD. You’ll get the magazine for free in both print and digital format, or you can just subscribe to the digital edition alone. In any case, here’s the link to the magazine: Click here to subscribe to CHADD’s Attention Magazine:

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