Student: “Can you help me be better organized?”

ADHD, Organization, Disorganization and Effort

I respond to a comment on my YouTube page by a student who wrestles daily with distraction: 

You Tube Comment: I really want to be organized in studies… I always find something more interesting than the books.. I am tired of fighting.. Can you advise me with this problem? I am sure every student is facing this.

My Response: your implied question is VERY complex.  At the core of what you wrote, it comes down to self-regulation… to spend endless hours being uncomfortable and bored with temptations all around you. 

The next issue is choosing what organizational structure makes sense for each class and then organizing within that structure. Organization is a two-step process. Step 1 is trial and error; step 2 is more methodical. Everyone focuses on step 2 even though step 1 is the key.

The key to success is to understand your dominant learning modalities.  Most are clueless on this because they are not taught how to witness themselves. To me, learning and processing information is an organizational function. How ever you organize and learn things in your head is the most efficient. However it works on the inside of  your head should be mirrored on the outside.

One of my basic truths is… it is easier to change the environment than it is to change yourself.

So with all those three things, the trick is… how do you design an environment built to emphasis your dominant learning modalities externally in a way that makes it easy to self-regulate.

Sorry I couldn’t prescribe a specific answer… but the equation for your answer has many individual variables.

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