Things That Make You Go, “Hmm…”

Since 2012, I’ve had the honor of being on the editorial board of Attention Magazine, published by Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD). At first, this might not be surprising, but once you realize I have dyslexia and a learning disability, you might understand the irony, as these have had an enormous impact in my life and have made writing one of my greatest weaknesses. You have to laugh at the idea though. Somebody who struggles to write is actually on the editorial board of a prominent magazine. Go figure.

Seriously, I had been invited onto the editorial board because of my special relationships with experts in the ADHD community and because of the content I had created for Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video. My asset is not the ability to write but, rather, my ability to network with people and find good content.

Here’s another tidbit. When COVID-19 hit and almost everyone was mandated to stay home, I immediately jumped on the idea of a radio show about working from home. Rarely are my shows done solo, but this time, I was compelled to do so based on my experience of working from home and coaching others. Ironically, the editor of Attention Magazine, after listening to the show, had asked me to write the article. I agreed.

Ultimately, the process meant I had to dictate a stream of consciousness with several proofs and edits by others. So, there you have it. The article, titled “ADHD, Productivity, and Working from Home,” was printed in the June edition of the magazine.

The good news is that, because of COVID-19, CHADD had made the decision to post the entire June edition of the magazine available online for public access. That’s why I’m sharing this link with you so you can access my article, along with articles included from other experts. I’m sure you’ll find information there that you will enjoy and that will inspire you.

Also, I encourage you to become a member of CHADD. You’ll get the magazine for free in both print or digital format, or you can just subscribe to the digital edition alone. In any case, here’s the link to subscribe:

Click here to read the article:

Even though writing is very difficult for me, I am on the editorial board. Go figure. I think there’s a song, “Things That Make You Go Hmm.”


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